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    ‘The Boys’ Creator Eric Kripke Reveals How ‘Beetlejuice’ Inspired The Most Gruesome Scene Of His Show

    The Boys‘ has quickly emerged as a popular show not just for its gripping storyline, but also for its shocking and graphic content. With the release of its fourth season, it is clear that the showrunners have continued to push boundaries with scenes designed to disturb and captivate audiences.

    The first episode of the season features a particularly gruesome moment where Karen Fukuhara’s character, Kimiko jumps out of a window from several stories up and crashes to the ground. What follows is more than gruesome. Interestingly, this scene has similarities to Tim Burton’s popular film ‘Beetlejuice‘. Here’s the common link between the two.

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    ‘The Boys’ Creator Eric Kripke Reveals The ‘Beetlejuice’ Inspiration Behind A Heinous Scene

    Still from 'Beetlejuice'
    Still from ‘Beetlejuice’

    Kimko’s character in ‘The Boys‘ is a fascinating one, more so because of the deadly endeavors she takes up. The latest season of the show has presented viewers with a particularly horrifying scene where Kimko suffers severe bodily harm after jumping from a high-rise building.

    However, instead of graphically displaying the damage caused to her body, the showrunners have focused on the horrified reactions of her teammates as she pieces her face back together. The scene is definitely the kind that leaves fans with sleepless nights.

    Eric Kripke, the series creator was speaking to Collider when he revealed that the choice to show the scene in that particular way was intentional and inspired by a similar moment in Tim Burton’s ‘Beetlejuice‘. “If you remember, there’s almost exactly the same moment in Beetlejuice, which always made such an impression on me, where he’s like, ‘You wanna see scary,’ and then you see the back of his face,” Kripke said.

    He said he aimed for a similar effect in ‘The Boys‘, believing that what viewers imagine can often be more terrifying than what is actually shown. “That was always the joke. It was based on what the audience’s imagination is of that moment, which will be worse than whatever we can pull off,” he said during the interview.

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    Kimko’s Character On ‘The Boys’ Has The Most Tragic Character Arc

    Still from 'Beetlejuice'
    Still from ‘Beetlejuice’

    Kimiko’s character arc is one of the most interesting ones on the show, with the tragic backstory adding further depth to her character. Kidnapped by the Shining Light Liberation Army as a child and turned into a super soldier, she later becomes a test subject for Compound V in the U.S.

    She is introduced on the show along with her brother Kenji, who is later killed by Stormfront. This comes as another tragic turn in her life, leaving her without family. After losing her powers in a battle with Soldier Boy, Kimiko struggles with the harsh realities of being human. Ultimately, she decides to re-inject herself with Compound V to regain her powers.

    The Boys‘ is available for streaming on Prime Video, and is set to end with season five.

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