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    “Who Wouldn’t Want To?”: ‘The Boys’ Creator Eric Kripke Sparks Hope For A Spin-Off Based On Show’s Brand-New Character

    Amazon Prime’s ‘The Boys’ is currently running its fourth season and fans are in for all the superhero drama. As excited as they are regarding the new season, they are also sad because the series is in its penultimate season. Series creator Eric Kripke has confirmed that season 5 will be the final season of ‘The Boys’

    However, that is not all, Eric Kripke has dropped in some exciting news about the series and potential spin-offs as well. The director spoke to Deadline in an interview where he discussed season 5 of ‘The Boys’, potential spin-offs and much more. Kripke also talked about carrying forward the series in the form of spin-offs even after the end of season 5. 

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    Eric Kripke Talks About Potential Spin-offs Of ‘The Boys’

    Joe Kessler
    Joe Kessler

    As the fourth season of the Amazon Prime series is currently airing, showrunner Eric Kripke reveals news about spin-offs and new seasons. Season 4 saw the addition of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Joe Kessler into the cast. Reportedly, Morgan’s casting was a long-awaited addition, reflecting the creative team’s desire to integrate him into the series.

    Now fans want to see a spin-off series featuring Morgan’s Kessler as the lead. When the question was asked to Eric Kripke, he answered, “Hey, man, if Jeffrey wants to do it, and it works out, who wouldn’t want a Jeffrey Dean Boys spinoff?” However, he did not confirm any news about a new series featuring him. 

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    Eric Kripke Talks About ‘The Boys Season 5’

    The Boys
    The Boys

    In an interview with Variety, Eric Kripke revealed that ‘The Boys‘ Season 5 is currently being written. And, shooting for the series may conclude in mid-2025. Kripke also revealed when he knew about making season 5 the final season of the show. “I would say near the beginning of writing Season 3, so years — years and years. And it took a minute for Amazon to agree, it took another minute to get them to clear it in all the channels so that we could finally announce it,” Kripke said. 

    When asked about ‘Gen V’ and the Mexico spin-off show currently under works, Kripke said, “I think they can and should continue.” He added, “‘The Boys’ story is about Butcher and Homelander and these two planets crashing into each other and this particular story doesn’t work without both of them. And you can only keep that going for so long.”

    Kripke continued to say, “So what I would say is, this particular story is ending, the Butcher-Homelander is ending. But there can be other stories and other corners of the universe.” Kripke ended with saying, “And hopefully, it’s vibrant and perverted enough to allow for those stories. So hopefully, “Gen V” continues, hopefully, a couple other things we have in development continue.”

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