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    ‘The Boys’ Season 4: What’s The Deal With The Worm in Butcher’s Head?

    The Boys never shies away from throwing curveballs at its viewers, and Season 4 is no exception. One particularly puzzling addition is the creepy crawly critter residing in Billy Butcher‘s head. 

    This mysterious worm has fans scratching their heads, wondering what it is, where it came from, and what it means for Butcher’s future. So, let’s dive into the theories behind this bizarre plot point.

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    A Ticking Time Bomb Or Unexpected Power Source? The Worm’s Origins

    Billy Butcher in The Boys Season 4
    Billy Butcher in The Boys Season 4

    The worm’s first appearance sent shivers down spines in the very first episode of Season 4. Since then, it’s popped up sporadically, usually when Butcher’s under immense pressure or in physical pain. Additionally, while the show hasn’t explicitly revealed the worm’s origin, there are two prevailing theories that can be.

    The most likely explanation ties back to Butcher’s heavy reliance on Temp-V, a Compound V derivative that grants temporary superhuman abilities. We know Compound V can have some nasty side effects, and this squirming surprise could be one of them. Perhaps the drug inadvertently mutated some parasite or triggered a dormant entity within Butcher.

    The second theory takes a more optimistic approach. Maybe the worm isn’t a sign of doom, but a source of untapped power. There’s precedent for this in ‘The Boys’ universe – remember Kimiko’s mysterious healing abilities linked to her Compound V exposure?  Perhaps the worm is a symbiotic entity, granting Butcher unknown abilities in exchange for, well, a place to stay. 

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    The Worm’s Impact On Butcher’s Fate On ‘The Boys’

    Billy Butcher in The Boys Season 4
    Billy Butcher in The Boys Season 4

    The worm’s presence has significant implications for Butcher’s story arc. The most concerning theory is that the worm is slowly killing Butcher. This would add a tragic layer to his character, especially considering his already strained relationship with mortality due to Temp-V abuse. 

    Additionally, if the worm grants powers, it could be a double-edged sword. Butcher might gain incredible strength or healing abilities. However, with the cost of unpredictable and potentially dangerous side effects. Moreover, the most intriguing possibility is that the worm becomes a reluctant ally.  

    Maybe it offers Butcher a way to combat Homelander or achieve his goals but with strings attached. This could lead to a fascinating internal conflict for Butcher, forcing him to rely on a creature he despises. The writers of the show are keeping their cards close to their chest regarding the worm. So, is it a deadly omen or a source of unexpected power? Only time will tell.   

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