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    Self-Absorbed Speed Demon To Unlikely Hero: ‘The Boys’ Season 4 Tries To Redeem A-Train But Does It Work?

    The Boys’ has always reveled in subverting superhero tropes. This season, however, they might be taking the cake. A-Train, the once self-absorbed speedster more concerned with endorsements than saving lives, seems to be on a path toward redemption. 

    Additionally, this unexpected turn has left fans with a mix of surprise, skepticism, and maybe even a flicker of hope. However, the question arises, does A-Train truly deserve a shot at redemption?

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    A-Train’s Rocky Road To Redemption

    A Train in The Boys Season 4
    A-Train in The Boys Season 4

    A-Train’s journey in The Boys has been a rollercoaster. Introduced as a cocky member of The Seven, his arrogance often overshadowed his abilities. Additionally, he was the guy who wouldn’t hesitate to run through a civilian to win a race, the one who callously left Robin, Hughie’s girlfriend, splattered across a bus stop

    So, seeing him contemplate any kind of moral high ground seemed laughable. However, Season 4 throws a wrench into that perception. We see a humbled A-Train, haunted by his past actions and struggling with a failing heart, a consequence of his Compound V abuse. 

    In a shocking turn of events, he even begrudgingly helps Hughie steal a vial of the very drug that ruined his health, to aid his father. This potential redemption arc has divided the fandom. Some viewers remain unconvinced, arguing that A-Train’s past transgressions are too severe to forgive. How can you redeem someone who showed such blatant disregard for human life?

    However, there is a glimmer of hope. A-Train’s physical decline and the loss of his former glory could be a catalyst for genuine change. Maybe, just maybe, the arrogant speed demon can use his remaining time to do some good.

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    The Comics Vs. The Show: Can A-Train’s Be Saved?

    A Train in the comics and A Train in The show
    A Train in the comics and A-Train in The show

    For those familiar with ‘The Boys’ comics, A-Train’s potential redemption is a significant departure from the source material. In the comics, A-Train remains a deeply unlikeable character, eventually meeting a gruesome and well-deserved end.

    The show’s decision to explore redemption for A-Train is a bold move. It forces viewers to confront complex questions about forgiveness and the possibility of change. Can someone who has caused so much suffering truly be redeemed? The Boys isn’t offering easy answers, and that’s part of what makes this storyline so compelling.

    Whether A-Train ultimately deserves redemption is a question only the writers of The Boys can answer (and perhaps even A-Train himself). Season 4 has taken a fascinating risk by putting this morally ambiguous character on a path toward potential heroism. Will he rise to the occasion, or will his past sins continue to define him?

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