‘The Walking Dead’: In Which Episode Does Carol Die?

Surviving eleven seasons of ‘The Walking Dead‘ from the post-apocalyptic zombie attack is really an achievement. And not many characters survived the walkers and mostly died by being bitten by them or getting killed by Negan. The only few characters who survived the tough eleven years together through thick and thin are Carol (Melissa McBride) and Daryl (Norman Reedus).

With the series ending, the fans were disappointed that they no longer could see Carol and Daryl together. But the showrunners, have come up with a spin-off series, which will solely focus on Carol and Daryl, pretty much exciting news for the fans. Carol is the last surviving member of the Peletier family after her daughter Sophia’s death in the episode Pretty Much Dead Already’.

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Does Carol Die In ‘The Walking Dead’?

Carol is the strongest character in the entire Walking Dead franchise. She survives through the walkers, Negan, and many many deaths surrounding her. But the happy news is Carol does not die, but sadly, Daryl and she just move on with their separate paths. Carol has lost much along the way but has always retained her very close relationship with Daryl Dixon. They have similar stories of abuse, creating a bond that will never be broken.

Originally, Carol was supposed to be killed in the episodeKiller Within‘, however Sarah Wayne Callies who played Lori Grimes convinced the producers to decide against it and killed T-Dog instead. Unlike the other characters, Carol got the perfect ending out of all the characters. The final moments of Rest in Peace show Daryl setting off for his spinoff, but Carol chooses to stay behind in a very emotional scene, deciding to stop running and take responsibility in the Commonwealth, perfectly bookmarking her time on the show.

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How Is Carol’s End On The Show Different From Comic Books?

Carol from the series is different from the Carol from the comic book. In the comics, Carol wasn’t painted as the perfect mother, as shown in the series. Constantly looking for validation and attention from others, she sometimes neglected Sophia to pursue other relationships. Carol is shown as independent in the show.

But most surprising of all, Carol from the comic book was not built to survive in a dystopian, zombie-infested world. She isn’t particularly good at defending herself or others, nor does she have a strong desire to hone these skills. While in the series, Carol outlived everyone, sadly in the comic she dies by suicide.

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