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    ‘Virgin River’ Prequel: Cast, Plot And Release Date

    Prequels and sequels of acclaimed shows are always a great surprise for fans. Netflix is gearing up for a new prequel of ‘Virgin River‘. This comes as a double delight for the show’s fans as season six of the show is already underway.

    The prequel will reportedly delve into the origin story of Mel’s parents, Sarah and Everett. Season six of the show will also provide glimpses into the past through flashbacks, setting  a stage for the prequel. According to reports, the prequel is already in development. Here’s all you need to know about it.

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    ‘Virgin River’ Prequel Will Delve Into The Life Of Mel’s Parents

    Still from 'Virgin River' (Image: Getty)
    Still from ‘Virgin River’ (Image: Getty)

    According to Deadline, the prequel of ‘Virgin River‘ will shed light on the Everett’s character, who was unveiled as Mel’s biological father in the climactic end to season five. Casting is underway for young versions of Sarah and Everett, who are also expected to make guest appearances in season six before transitioning to lead roles in the prequel.

    Showrunner Patrick Sean Smith will be heading the project, and has reassured that it is currently in its developmental stages. As of the original show, it is setting a great stage for the prequel. In season five of the show, the narrative revolved around a riveting quest for Mel and Jack as they set out to uncover the identity of the midwife’s biological father.

    The trail led them to Everett, who was shown to be initially hesitant. He however eventually became an integral part of Mel’s life. The season concluded with a dramatic cliffhanger as Everett arrived at Mel’s doorstep with crucial information, abruptly cut off by Christmas music and rolling credits.

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    Season Six Of ‘Virgin River’ Will Set The Tone For Its Prequel

    Still from 'Virgin River' (Image: Getty)
    Still from ‘Virgin River’ (Image: Getty)

    In an interview with Deadline, Patrick Sean Smith hinted at the thematic focus of season six on Everett Reid’s backstory, his connection to Virgin River, and his evolving relationship with Mel and the town. He assured fans that while the new season will delve into Everett’s past, the storyline won’t introduce additional half-siblings for Mel.

    Just because this was such a new thing in Mel’s life, I don’t know if we’ll get into half-siblings any time soon,” Patrick said, speaking further about the possible narrative. “That felt like we’ve bit off enough to chew, we don’t need more,” he added.

    As filming for the prequel kicks off in Vancouver, Martin Henderson, who plays Jack’s character on the show, took to social media to share the joy of returning to set with co-star Alexandra Breckenridge (Mel).

    The duo was seen holding a clapper board for the much-anticipated season six in the photo posted on Instagram, captioned, “Aaaaaannnnnnndddddd……we’re back! Back at it in Vancouver commencing shooting for season 6 of #virginriver that’s right folks we are at it again! Feels so good to be back in Jack’s boots making more what we hope to be riveting, romantic and racy drama for y’all. Stay tuned for more updates on set life and BTS banter….”

    While Netflix has yet to announce an official air date for the new season, expectations are high for an early return next year. The filming schedule is expected to stretch until May.

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