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    Where Was ‘Sky Rojo’ Filmed? All The Filming Locations Of Netflix Drama

    ‘Sky Rojo’ is one of Netflix’s most popular non-English series. It is a Spanish black comedy action drama. Also, it is produced by the makers of ‘Money Heist’ so Heist fans are over the moon right now. The first season of the series came out on 19 March 2021 and the second season premiered on 23 July 2022.

    The wait is finally over as the third season of the series premiered on January 13, 2023. One of the interesting facts in the series is the bound neon bar versus the open space contrast. The series has its filming done in a number of different locations. Here are all the details about the filming locations.

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    All Filming Locations Of ‘Sky Rojo’

    Madrid, Spain

    sky Rojo

    The shooting of the first season began in Madrid, Spain. The production began on 18 November 2019. However, the COVID-19 pandemic across the world set production to an instant halt. The filming resumed in June 2020 in Madrid as we see there are a lot of open road scenes with our main character driving through towns and cities.

    Castilla–La Mancha was set for production for a few months in 2020 but it did not last long due to COVID. Hence when the production resumed post-pandemic, the crew ended up filming in Madrid again.

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    Canary Islands, Spain

    Sky Rojo

    Another location where most of the filming is done is the Canary Islands. ‘Sky Rojo‘ is based in Tenerife and the filmmakers wanted a wide-open location for their scenes. The dull, detached, and isolated backdrops are also used to set a stark contrast to the life that this trio is trying to run away from.

    Arico, which is the southeastern part of the island is the main shooting point of the series. According to the producers, Arico provided just the perfect ambiance for their scenes.

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