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    Why Was Aegon Targaryen Stuttering While Speaking High Valyrian Despite Being The King?

    Anyone who’s tuned into the latest season of House of the Dragon knows things are getting fiery between the Targaryen brothers. However, amidst the political maneuvering and dragon-filled battles, a quieter detail caught the eyes of eagle-eared fans: Aegon Targaryen‘s struggle with High Valyrian. 

    Also, this is a very subtle narrative, but it has a huge impact on the contrast between the two brothers. So, what does Aegon’s fumbled High Valyrian reveal about the future of House Targaryen?

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    Why Aegon Targaryen Is Unable To Fluently Speak High Valyrian

    Aegon Targaryen in House Of The Dragon

    Aemond casually speaking High Valyrian in the most recent episode of ‘House Of The Dragon‘ might have been due to petty reasons. This deliberate use of the language wasn’t just to flaunt his fluency, it was more of a proclamation. Furthermore, Aemond is proud of being a Targaryen, enjoying the customs and the authority of a dragon rider.

    Aegon, on the other hand, seems more… lazy when it comes to the Targaryen customs. He is not very proficient in High Valyrian and can barely speak the language, getting by with a few words. Additionally, this hints at a more pragmatic streak in Aegon. He seems less interested in the mystical aspects of his family’s history and 

    Additionally, Aemond doesn’t not wish well on his brother which is made pretty clear with his attack on Aegon later in that episode. The attack seemed to be fatal to Aegon and only Ser Criston Cole’s arrival stopped him from finishing the job. So, it’s clear that Aemond was playing some kind of a game with Aegon. 

    Speaking High Valyrian despite knowing that Aegon wasn’t fluent can be seen as a way to humiliate the king in front of his council. Besides, the conflict between the old-school approach and the new-age solution is prevalent in ‘House of the Dragon’. Aegon’s disinterest in High Valyrian is just a small reflection of a bigger struggle within the Targaryen bloodline.

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    ‘High Valyrian:’ A Language Of Power And Legacy

    Aegon Targaryen in House Of The Dragon
    Aegon Targaryen in House Of The Dragon

    High Valyrian is more than just a fancy way for Targaryens to sound sophisticated. It’s a connection to their Valyrian roots, a symbol of their power, and a key part of their legacy as dragonlords. Remember those badass dragon-riding commands we hear throughout the series? Yep, those are all in High Valyrian. 

    Additionally, the language holds a certain mystique, a reminder that the Targaryens are not just another noble house, they’re descendants of dragonlords with a touch of the arcane. Also, fluency in High Valyrian wasn’t optional for Targaryen children. 

    It’s used in rituals, political discussions, and even dragon-riding commands. So, when Aegon stumbles through a simple sentence in High Valyrian during a council meeting, it’s a major ‘oops’ moment. It’s like a king fumbling the national anthem.

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