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    ‘House Of The Dragon’: How Does Aegon The Conqueror’s Dragon Vhagar Die In The Book?

    The Dance Of The Dragons has begun and the first fight between dragons has claimed multiple lives already. House Of The Dragonseason 2 has kept everybody’s eyes glued to the screen to know what happens next after the brutal fourth episode

    Till now, it has been established that Vhagar is the most formidable force on the battlefield and in the skies right now. Even though Team Black has more dragons and Team Green only has four dragons, Vhagar is their greatest weapon commanded by Aegon. So how does the formidable beast die in the books? 

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    All Of Vhagar’s Riders On ‘House Of The Dragon’


    Aegon The Conqueror along with his two sister wives conquered Westeros on the dragon’s back. Vhagar is one of the original dragons still alive during the dance of the dragons. The formidable beast has had many riders throughout her life. 

    She was ridden by Visenya Targaryen into battle when she conquered Westeros with Aegon. After her death, Vhagar’s new master was Baelon Targaryen. Lady Laena Targaryen became Vhagar’s next rider. She would often fly with her husband Daemon Targaryen and their dragons Vhagar and Caraxes respectively. 

    After Laena’s death by Vhagar’s fire, a very young Aemond Targaryen takes control of the huge beast. Vhagar was the largest living dragon at that time, growing as big as Balerion. Aemond and Vhagar would become Team Green’s greatest weapons during the civil war. 

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    How Does Vhagar Die?

    Aemond Targaryen on Vhagar
    Aemond Targaryen on Vhagar

    It would seem impossible to kill the formidable beast from what we have seen so far in ‘House Of The Dragon’. However, it is Daemon Targaryen and Caraxes who finally succeed in doing so. Vhagar and Aemond die in the epic battle above the God’s Eye lake near Harrenhal. 

    In the books, Daemon Targaryen challenges Aemond to a one-on-one duel with their dragons. Caraxes was one of the most feared dragons on the Black’s side and Daemon was a battle-hardened warrior. In the fierce battle in the skies, Vhagar and Caraxes fight a brutal battle. 

    During this, Daemon jumps on Vhagar and stabs Aemond in his good eye, thus killing him. However, this caused Vhagar and Daemon to crash into the lake below thus killing Vhagar instantly. However, in the books it is not written clearly whether Daemon dies or survives since his body is never found. Caraxes makes it out alive but dies due to the injuries after a few days. 

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