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    ‘Yellowstone’: What Will Happen To John Dutton After Kevin Costner’s Dramatic Exit From The Show?

    The news hit ‘Yellowstone fans like a Montana blizzard: Kevin Costner, the stoic patriarch John Dutton, will not be returning for the latter half of the show’s fifth and potentially final season. This unexpected departure leaves a gaping hole in the Dutton family ranch.

    In addition to a massive question mark hanging over John Dutton’s fate. So, how will the writers handle this major shake-up? Let’s speculate!

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    Why Did Kevin Costner Leave ‘Yellowstone?’

    Kevin Costner as John Button in 'Yellowstone'
    Kevin Costner as John Button in ‘Yellowstone’

    For four seasons, Costner embodied the rugged determination of John Dutton, the owner of the largest cattle ranch in the United States. Dutton’s unwavering commitment to his land and his family, often at a heavy cost, resonated with viewers.  

    His gruff demeanor and sharp wit made him a compelling anti-hero, constantly battling against encroaching developers, ruthless rivals, and the ever-present threat of violence.  Costner’s portrayal of John Dutton became synonymous with ‘Yellowstone,’ making his departure all the more impactful.  

    Additionally, Costner’s departure from the show seems to be a case of creative differences simmering over time. While official reasons haven’t been revealed, whispers on the range suggest a disagreement between Costner and showrunner Taylor Sheridan

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    How Can John Dutton’s Character Have Closure?

    Kevin Costner as John Button in 'Yellowstone'
    Kevin Costner as John Button in ‘Yellowstone’

    With Costner out of the picture, showrunner Taylor Sheridan has a monumental task ahead: writing off John Dutton in a way that feels organic and does justice to the character’s legacy.  Perhaps John Dutton simply rides off into the sunset, weary of the constant struggle and seeking peace in his twilight years.  

    Another possibility is a more dramatic exit. John Dutton, never one to back down from a fight, could succumb to the ever-present threats surrounding the ranch. A violent confrontation or a tragic accident could write him off in a blaze of glory (or misfortune). 

    There’s also the chance that John Dutton doesn’t die at all.  He could become gravely injured, forcing him to take a backseat while his children, Beth and Kayce, step up to protect the ranch. This approach would allow the story to continue focusing on the Dutton family’s legacy, although with a diminished role for the original patriarch.

    Additionally, while John Dutton’s absence will undoubtedly leave a void, ‘Yellowstone’ boasts a strong ensemble cast capable of carrying the show forward. The simmering tensions between Beth, Kayce, and Jamie Dutton, John’s children, are sure to take center stage. 

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