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    ‘Attack On Titan’: How Does Eren Gain Control Of The Founding Titan?

    ‘Attack On Titan’ is one of the most popular anime of all time. The anime has quickly taken the anime world by storm and for good reason. Fans are eagerly waiting for the new season to drop which will conclude the end of the series. Even though the anime is in its last stages, fans have certain doubts about the plot. 

    One such doubt is about how Eren was able to control the founding Titan. It was mentioned that only someone of royal descent would be able to, but Eren was able to control the founding Titan. Read to know why. 

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    What Is The Founding Titan?

    Ymir Fritz
    Ymir Fritz

    The founding Titan, as the name suggests, is the apex Titan. It was the first Titan to ever exist and is the strongest of the Titans. The founding Titan can alter the minds and memories of the subjects of Ymir with its scream. It can also control other titans. The founding Titan does not necessarily have to change into a Titan, or even scream out loud. The owner and inheritor of the Titan can simply talk and alter the memories of others. 

    In addition to that, the founding Titan can transform the subjects of Ymir into actual Titans. Moreover, he can also alter their sizes. This was done by Karl Fritz when he created thousands of titans to create the three walls. All of these Titans are at least as tall as the colossal Titan if not more. The only condition of using the founding Titan was that it could only be used properly by a person of royal descent. This however was broken when Eren Yeager controlled the founding titan. 

    How Did Eren Gain Control Of The Founding Titan?

    Ymir and Eren
    Ymir and Eren

    A person with royal blood can never bring about the rumbling. This is because of Karl Fritz. He imposed such a condition on all the royal inheritors of the founding Titan. He imposed a condition wherein any royal who inherits the Titan, will be filled with compassion and the need to protect others and as such will never bring about the rumbling. Due to this, someone of non-royal descent would have to start the rumbling. 

    Someone of non-royal descent can control the founding Titan as long as they are in physical contact with a royal descendant. Eren did it once when he controlled and got the Titans to eat Dina Fritz after he touched Dina. 

    The major reason why Eren was able to bring forth the rumbling was that he freed Ymir. He talked to Ymir when he was in the Paths and he freed her from her slave mentality. Ymir followed the orders of the king even after her death, and it was only after Eren made her realize the truth that she got free. This is why Ymir agreed to let Eren bring about the rumbling. She lent him her full abilities. This is how Eren was able to control the founding titan.

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