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    ‘Black Clover’: Why Did Licht’s Grimoire Turn Black? Who Owned The Five Leaf Grimoire Before Asta?

    Black Clover’ opens its door at an orphanage where the two protagonists Asta and Yuno were brought up. At the Grimoire Acceptance Ceremony, each mage is chosen by the grimoire’s marking them as the owners. Unfortunately, Asta who is devoid of any magic is forsaken by the grimoire. 

    It is not long after, Asta is cornered in a battle against a devious black market dealer where his persistence and never-giving-up attitude calls forth his own grimoire – a Five Leaf Clover. Grimoires are mostly four leaves, each leaf containing faith, hope, love, and luck. Inside a fifth leaf a demon resides. The mystery behind Asta’s grimoire is further revealed in the series, twisting the plot to a complete 360-degree angle.

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    Who Is Licht? Why Did His Grimoire Turn Black?

    Black Clover: Licht
    Black Clover: Licht

    Licht is the Elf tribe leader who existed along with the Wizard King. He married the Wizard King Lemiel Silvamillion Clover’s sister Tetia. He was the possessor of the Four Leaf Grimoire just like Lemiel, but unfortunately, he became trapped in the conspiracies of the demon Zagred. 

    The demon to fulfill its own wish manipulated Licht into believing that the humans have invaded and killed the Elfs. both the groups started killing each other, and Tetia became a victim of the war. Overcome with sadness, grief, and anger, his grimoire consumed his darkness and turned into a black-colored grimoire with five leaves.

    It is believed that within the fifth leaf a demon resides, and is proved to be true later in the story. Licht became a demon consumed by hatred, forcing Lemiel to kill him to save the world. Lemiel became the Wizard King and was revered by the people, but in the war, he lost both his sister and his friend to the darkness. Later this grimoire chooses Asta as his next master in the series.

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    Who Owned The Five Leaf Grimoire Before Asta?

    Black Clover: Asta, Richita, and Liebe
    Black Clover: Asta, Richita, and Liebe

    After a grimoire owner dies, the book starts to disintegrate along with its master. However, a black grimoire with five leafs is able to survive till he finds the next owner. Following Licht’s death, his grimoire is picked by none other than Asta’s mother Richita. She had an ability that stole magic and life forces for living beings.

    Due to this, she started leaving the outskirts of the village where she stumbled upon the Five Leaf Grimoire. Shortly after she found a wounded devil and the pair became a foster family. Richita named the demon Liebe. Liebe had no magical abilities and was bullied in the underworld until he found his way to the human realm.

    In a battle against Lucifero, the demon boss of the underworld, Richita lost her life. Before perishing, she sealed Liebe into the Five Leaf Grimoire to save him and provide him a place to grow safely. When Asta was being cornered for being a weak loser, Licht/Liebe’s Grimoire chose Asta as his next host. Liebe and Asta later formed a close connection and shared a sibling relationship in the series.

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