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    ‘Black Clover’: What Is The Story Of Liebe? How Does It Connect With Asta?

    Black Clover’ is a series where the journey of two boys follow the path of magic, challenges, and competition to look out who’s going to be the next Wizard King. Both of the characters choose their own path to reach the summit as the pages of their Grimoire fill will magic incantations.

    Throughout the series, we find hundreds of Grimoire’s flying around with their chosen owners, but Asta may be a bit different compared to the rest. Whereas Yuno, the second lead character gets the highest-ranking grimoire, Asta’s book holds the magic of darkness, fate, and mysteries. Despite being a boy with no magic powers, he along with his grimoire journey’s through life to find answers of their own.

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    Who is Liebe?

    Black Clover: Asta and Liebe
    Black Clover: Asta and Liebe

    Liebe is originally a lower-rank demon from the underworld. As a demon of the underworld, he was very weak. He had no magic power, letting the upper-rank demons bully him every day. One day he found a gate opened to human society and crossed through it. Since he had no magic on his own, no one knew that the gate had been crossed.

    Unfortunately, he couldn’t find a place for himself in the human realm. Magic knights would hunt him down, and everyone was scared by his look. In a forest, he met a woman who took Liebe in and raised her as her foster child. They would get along great, as both their circumstances were similar. The woman was also kicked out of society because of her magic powers, and the two ended up living together.

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    How Did Liebe End Up With Asta?

    Black Clover: Asta and Liebe
    Black Clover: Asta and Liebe

    Lucifero, the most powerful demon in the underworld, tried to kill Liebe and take over his body. When he knew a demon was surviving in the human world, he became curious about it and wanted to have his power. To save Liebe and create a safe place for him to grow, the woman, Asta’s mother Richita, gave up her life and sealed him into the Five Clover Grimoire.

    Later, as Asta gets cornered during a fight with a black market seller, the five-leaf clover appears in front of him, choosing him as his owner. The fact that it was Asta’s mother Richita who brought up Liebe makes Asta his half-brother. Though this fact was not known to any of them until later. Later in the series, they even fight together and create a strong bond with one another, just like a family.

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