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    ‘Death Note’: Did Light Yagami Get Reincarnated As A Shinigami After His Death?

    ‘Death Note’ is one of the most popular anime in the anime world. Almost every anime fan has heard of the anime if not watched it. The anime is famous for its astonishingly smart main character Light Yagami and Detective L. Fans love their characters and love the battle of wits and intelligence between the two. Many fans were saddened that Light got caught in the end and subsequently died. 

    However, they are curious about one thing. Fans wish to know whether Light Yagami became a Shinigami like Ryuk and Rem after he died at the end of the anime. 

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    Who Is Light Yagami?

    Light Yagami
    Light Yagami

    Light Yagami is the main character of ‘Death Note’. He found the death note that Ryuk dropped when he was in school and started using it afterward. At first, he used the notebook to kill criminals and bad guys to make the world a better place, however Light got drunk on power and started abusing the powers of the death note. 

    Appearance-wise, Light is quite handsome. This was noted by Misa Amane. He has light brown hair and brown eyes. He has an above-average height. Personality-wise, Light is hardworking, talented, and a natural genius. Light has great problem-solving skills. He is very popular among his peers and family and is considered an ideal child. Like his father Soichiro, Light has a strong sense of justice. However, this sense of justice got warped once Light got drunk on the death note’s power. However, even after this, he wanted to create a world where only honest and kind people lived. 

    Did Light Turn Into A Shinigami?

    The unnamed shinigami
    The unnamed shinigami

    In the last episodes of ‘Death Note’, Near starts figuring out the truth about Kira’s true identity. He quickly figures out that Light Yagami is Kira and is the killer that everyone is looking for. In the last episode, it is shown that Light got shot and was on the stairs. Just as he was about to die, Ryuk wrote Light’s name in his death note thus killing him. 

    At the end of the episode, a nameless Shinigami is shown. Fans believe that this Shinigami is Light Yagami who was turned. They believe so because the Shinigami limps the same way Light did after he got shot in the leg. He also had the same red eyes that Light had when he acted like Kira. However most of all, the Shinigami walks up the stairs to meet Ryuk which according to fans, is a homage to Light’s death.

    Another reason why fans believe that the Shinigami is Light is because no other Shinigami knows about him. This means that this is a newly turned Shinigami and the others have existed for a very long time. Fans consider that Light Yagami most definitely turned into a Shinigami after his death. They also consider it a fitting end to his story. 

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    Riya Dubey
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