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    ‘Dragon Ball’: Was Beerus Scared Of Jiren In Tournament Of Power?

    Dragon Ball‘ is an anime that is favored both by children as well as adults. As a matter of fact, ‘Dragon Ball’ has been part of childhood for the last two generations, as it has been going on for more than 25 years. This is one of the things that make it one of the most liked animes in the entire world.

    Another thing that makes it an amazing anime is its characters. They are all unique and powerful. Two of the most powerful characters in the series are Jiren and Beerus. Beerus is the god of destruction of universe 7 and Jiren is from universe 11. Let’s find out if Beerus was afraid of Jiren during the tournament of power.

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    Who Are Beerus And Jiren?

    Jiren and Beerus
    Jiren and Beerus

    Beerus is the god of destruction for universe 7 which happens to be the universe for both Vegeta and Goku. He is quite possibly the strongest god of destruction and can use the ultra ego power. He has a twin brother, Champa who is the god of destruction for universe 6.

    Beerus is quite easygoing and lazy like an actual cat. His appearance is also similar to that of a cat. However, despite his easygoing appearance, Beerus is undoubtedly one of the most powerful characters in Dragon Ball.

    Jiren is a fighter from universe 11 which is considered the most powerful universe out of the 12 existing ones. He is extremely powerful and his strength is even greater than that of his universe’s god of destruction.

    Was Beerus Scared Of Jiren In ‘Dragon Ball Super’?

    Beerus in awe of Jiren’s power

    Beerus and Jiren came across each other during the tournament of power. It was during Jiren’s fight with Goku, that Beerus looked scared. However, he wasn’t necessarily scared of Jiren. He was surprised and shocked by the amount of sheer power Jiren possessed, but he wasn’t scared of him directly.

    Jiren was overpowering Goku throughout the majority of the fight. Despite Goku’s transformations and sheer strength, Jiren was winning. If it wasn’t for the mastered ultra instinct Goku, Jiren would have won.

    Beerus was scared of the possibility that Jiren might win against Goku, which would have led to Beerus, along with his universe 7 being erased by Zeno. He feared the consequences of the outcome of the fight, not Jiren. However, some people argue that directly or indirectly he was scared of Jiren. This is why he looks scared during Jiren and Goku’s fight.

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