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    Who Killed King Vegeta In ‘Dragon Ball’?

    Dragon Ball‘ has amazing protagonists and side characters, but it has even more amazing antagonists. Some antagonists such as Frieza are recurring presence, while others like King Vegeta have been long dead but still manage to play a significant role in the plot of the Anime.

    King Vegeta is Vegeta’s father and the former king of the Saiyan race. He ruled the planet Vegeta ruthlessly until he was mercilessly killed. Let’s take a look at who King Vegeta is and who killed him.

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    Who Is King Vegeta?

    King Vegeta, former king of the saiyan race
    King Vegeta, former king of the saiyan race

    King Vegeta, as mentioned above, is the father of Vegeta and the former Saiyan race king. He was inherently evil and unlike his son, was never redeemed. He was an unusually intelligent Saiyan and looked for any opportunity to gain power for himself. He just wanted to gain more and more power by any means necessary.

    When he and the Saiyan race moved to planet Plant, they used to co-exist peacefully with the residents there called Tuffles. This was until the King decided that he wanted the Tuffles’ technology and convinced the Saiyans to destroy them.

    After destroying them, he named the planet after himself and began to rule it with an iron fist and no mercy. It was after this, that he came to know about Frieza and the planet trade organization.

    Who Killed Him?

    Frieza defeats King Vegeta

    Frieza was the one who killed King Vegeta. After the king came to know about the planet trade organization, he began to work for Frieza. He and his Saiyans would destroy and annihilate all the planets for Frieza for a set price.

    Frieza however, grew fearful of the power of the Saiyans and he worried that someone might unlock the Super Saiyan power, which then was believed to be a legend only. Frieza believed in the legend and found it to be true.

    King Vegeta figured out Frieza’s plans and set up an army to retaliate against him. He killed a few of the enemy soldiers but then found himself facing Frieza. King tried to fight against the strong warrior, but he was too weak compared to Frieza.

    Frieza killed him in a single blow and then killed the rest of the Saiyans. King Vegeta was sent to hell due to his evil deeds by King Yemma.

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