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    How Do Obito’s Abilities Remain Unchanged Even After He Keeps Changing His Sharingan?

    Naruto‘ has one of the greatest groups of characters, both evil and good. These characters have given something that the viewers could learn time and time again. Be it Itachi’s sacrifice, or Obito’s determination to avenge Rin.

    Although Obito’s revenge was not right, it still gave the anime world an exceptional character. Obito is an Uchiha and has multiple abilities. He has Genjutsu and since he has awakened the Mangekyo, he has his unique abilities. But one thing that confuses the fans is how Obito keeps the same abilities even when he changes his eyes. Let’s find out.

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    How Did Uchiha Obito Become Evil?

    Uchiha Obito
    Uchiha Obito

    Uchiha Obito is the evil counterpart of Naruto. As the ‘Naruto‘ fans say, he is what Naruto would have been having he chose to turn evil and had bad guidance.

    Uchiha Obito was a part of the Konoha Village. He used to be a happy and fun-loving child. He had a rivalry with Kakashi and fell in love with his teammate Rin. However, on a mission with his team under the guidance of Minato Namikaze, Obito saves Kakashi from a falling rock and gets crushed by it instead.

    Obito makes Kakashi promise that Kakashi will take care of Rin. As a graduation present, he gives Kakashi one of his Sharingan. However, Obito gets saved by Zetsu and Madara and Madara misguides him. As a result, Obito turns evil and he wished to create an ideal world where no one would die.

    To make his plans a reality, Obito joined the Akatsuki as Tobi and then slowly took control of it. Then he revealed himself and announced the 4th great Shinobi war. This is how Uchiha Obito turned evil.

    Why Do Obito’s Powers Not Change After He Changes His Sharingan?

    Uchiha Obito as Tobi
    Uchiha Obito as Tobi

    Obito has his original Sharingan in one eye only. As was mentioned above, he gave one of his eyes to Kakashi before he turned evil as a graduation present. Uchiha Obito’s original Mangekyou Sharingan ability is Kamui which is shared by Kakashi as he also has Obito’s eye.

    Obito can use different abilities if he puts another Sharingan in his other eye and uses it. For instance, he used the Izanagi from another Sharingan. Using that jutsu renders the user unable to see from that eye.

    Obito has a whole room full of Sharingans that he can wear and use as he pleases. He, however, does not remove his Sharingan and thus can use Kamui from his right eye only. This means that no matter what or whose Sharingan Obito uses, he can always use Kamui from his right eye. This is the reason why Obito can use Kamui even when he uses another eye for his left eye. This is why Obito’s abilities don’t change despite him changing his Sharingan.

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