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    Saitama Vs Goku: Who Will Win In A Fight?

    The general strength scaling of characters against Goku from ‘Dragon Ball’ is one of the most enduring and contentious arguments in all of anime. In fact, this is so well known that the animanga community has adopted the term “can they beat Goku though” as a meme. But the question is who will come on top in a Saitama vs Goku fight?

    Saitama Vs Goku is a really big topic that fans all over the world argue about. Since ‘One Punch Man’s release, people have been debating whether Saitama from the series can defeat Goku. This has advanced to the point that it’s one of the community’s most well-known power scaling discussions. 

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    Saitama Vs Goku 


    It is only fair to compare the two in their original forms because Saitama hasn’t truly demonstrated any transformations throughout the series. Saitama is unquestionably the winner in this case. 

    In his basic form, Goku is capable of some incredible feats. Goku in his base form is still most likely one of the strongest characters in his own realm. Saitama, however, exudes strength even in his most basic form, making thunderclap noises simply by clapping his hands together to grab a fly. 

    But Battle IQ is a totally different matter. Even in confrontations that require more than one punch, Saitama certainly has enough fight IQ to prevail as frequently as he does throughout ‘One Punch Man‘. However, having too often just deliver one punch does little to maintain one’s battle senses and wits. 

    On the other side, Goku is always in circumstances that increase his fighting intelligence. In almost every combat we see Goku in, he has to exert more effort than is physically possible to win. One’s ability in warfare is kept sharp by needing to win every time. Goku has a support item that goes above and beyond that and enables him to fly in the Flying Nimbus. 

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    While comparing Goku and Saitama is all in good fun, there is one key factor that suggests that Goku may never truly prevail over Saitama. Goku may possess a stronger fighting intellect and better supporting equipment, but Saitama possesses a skill Goku will never possess: the ability to parody. 

    Saitama will always overcome Goku because the story is a parody. There is no opponent who Saitama could likely lose because his strength is intended to be so absurd that it defies all sense. As a result, Goku might have never been able to defeat Saitama in full. 

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