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    What Are Saitama’s Weaknesses In ‘One Punch Man’?

    ‘One Punch Man’ is one of the most popular shonen anime of all time. Fans love the anime for its plot and its characters. One character that the fans adore is Saitama, the main character. Fans find his character to be relatable and lovable. They like the fact that he doesn’t possess any supernatural abilities and attained his strength through sheer training, unlike most Shonen protagonists. 

    They also find his looks to be realistic and not overly attractive as is the case with most protagonists. However, even though Saitama is undeniably powerful, he does have certain weaknesses. 

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    Who Is Saitama?


    Saitama is the main character in ‘One Punch Man’He is a character that fans find relatable and adore him. He is the strongest creature in the series and he attained his strength through training as opposed to supernatural abilities. However, his strength also causes one problem in his life. Since he’s able to defeat most opponents with a single punch, he has lost all the thrill that comes with a good battle. After attaining a considerable amount of strength, Saitama worked as a casual hero. However, he signed up as an official hero after some time and is currently a rank-A hero

    Appearance-wise, Saitama is quite ordinary looking. He has brown eyes and is bald. He used to have a full head of hair, but he lost that due to the intensity of his training regimen. Personality-wise, Saitama seems to be indifferent to everything. Whilst that is true to a certain extent, it is not the full truth. Before becoming strong, he used to be frustrated and used to dislike many things. However ever since he became strong, he lost the thrill that comes with battle. As a result, he doesn’t take his hero’s work seriously and does everything with little to no effort. 

    What Are His Weaknesses?

    Saitama Vs Garou
    Saitama Vs Garou

    The biggest weakness that Saitama possesses is his lack of training. Saitama is exceptionally powerful and can defeat most opponents with a single punch, however, he doesn’t have proper training. He got strong due to his training regimen and has never trained in any form of martial arts and thus doesn’t have good training. 

    This weakness of his was proven when he fought Garou. During his fight with Garou, he tried to fight back and attack him with speed. However, many of his moves were blocked by Garou. No matter how he attacked, Garou blocked many of his attacks. This frustrated Saitama who questioned Garou and he replied that due to his martial arts training, he can find out the openings in Saitama’s attacks. 

    This allowed Garou to launch his special attacks. However, these attacks did not have any impact on Saitama. But it does prove that Saitama has one weakness that can be exploited. A strong opponent can use this weakness against him to defeat him.

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