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    Who Is Frieza’s Mother In ‘Dragon Ball’

    Frieza has proven time and again why he is the most recurring and consistent villain in the ‘Dragon Ball‘ series. He is one such character that went from being the most cold-hearted and cruel antagonist to being a frenemy to being a teammate during the tournament of power.

    Little is known about his family, apart from his father being just as strong as him. His mother is not mentioned a lot in the series. Fans are very curious as to who his mother is. 

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    Who Is Frieza?


    Frieza is the most recurring villain in the Dragon Ball series. He is also one of the strongest creatures in universe 7. This was proven when he was selected to be a part of their team in the tournament of power. He played a vital role in the fight against universe 11’s strongest warrior Jiren.

    Frieza and his father were responsible for the deaths of all the Saiyans on planet Vegeta. He was scared that the Saiyans would grow stronger than him and as a result of his worry and paranoia, he destroyed their planet. Only a handful of Saiyans survived which included Vegeta and Goku.

    Personality-wise, Frieza is very cruel and cold-hearted. When he was first introduced in the series, he was cold and relentless. He still possesses these traits, but they have somewhat mellowed down after the tournament of power.

    Who Is Frieza’s Mother?

    Frieza talking about his parents
    Frieza talking about his parents

    Frieza’s father has been discussed multiple times throughout the entire franchise. Fans are very well aware of who he is and just how powerful he is. Hiss mother, however, remains a mystery.

    She has been mentioned a few times in the series, but not much is known about her. She is part of the same species as Frieza, his brother Cooler, and his father King Cold.

    She was extremely powerful like Frieza. This was proven when during his fight with Goku, final form Frieza stated that apart from his mother and father, he was the first person who caused him such damage. This implies that along with his father, his mother was extremely strong as well.

    She most likely died at some point before Frieza’s introduction in the series as it was mentioned by his brother Cooler that he was the only living member of his family. This is all that is known about Frieza’s mother.

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