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    Who Is Frieza’s Father, King Cold? Is He More Powerful Than Frieza?

    Frieza has proven time and again why he is the most recurring and tenacious ‘Dragon Ball‘ villain. He has not only proven himself to be an antagonizing and evil villain, but he has also established himself as a precious side character in the series. Not much is known about Frieza’s family.

    He is the son of King Cold who used to be the emperor of Universe 7 before Frieza. King Cold is said to be as cruel as Frieza if not more. Let’s find out who exactly he is and if he is more powerful than his son Frieza.

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    Who Is King Cold?

    King Cold, the former emperor of universe 7
    King Cold, the former emperor of universe 7

    King Cold is the father of Frieza and the former emperor of Universe 7. He led his family’s secret organization, the Frieza Force, previously known as Cold Force, behind closed doors. He made all the moves behind the curtain and Frieza became the public face.

    Appearance-wise, he is far taller than Freiza. At his full-fledged height, he is one of the tallest villains in the entire series. Physically he looks almost the same as his son, except that he is taller and much more muscular.

    Unlike his son, however, despite being aware of the extraordinary powers Saiyans possessed and the legend of the Super Saiyan, King Cold was not afraid of the Saiyans. This pertained to his belief that no one was stronger than his clan. He is not as sadistic as his son, but he is just as arrogant. Let’s find out who is more powerful among the two.

    Is He Stronger Than Frieza?

    King Cold V/s Frieza
    King Cold V/s Frieza

    There have been many comparisons made about the power levels of the two emperors of universe 7. Frieza and King Cold both are anomalies in their clan. Apart from those two, no one in their entire race is that powerful. According to ‘Naho Ooishi,’ an illustrator for ‘Dragon Ball,’ although both of them are powerful, Frieza’s power is beyond comparison.

    According to many viewers as well, although King Cold is exceptionally strong, his power level is a little behind his son’s. Frieza and his brother Coola, both have been shown to transform. Frieza has two forms. Due to the transformations, Frieza’s power increases drastically. King Cold, however, has never transformed. This entails that Frieza is more powerful than his father.

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