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    Who Is The Weakest Fighter In The ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Tournament Of Power?

    ‘Dragon Ball’ has one of the most amazing fighting arcs in the entire anime world. Regardless of its length and the intricacies of the fights, the arcs are always a delight to watch. One of the best fighting arcs in ‘Dragon Ball’ is the tournament of power. It was amazing and the viewers were holding their breath the entire time. 

    Fans are aware of the strongest characters in the tournament of power, but they are unaware of the weakest. Read to find out the weakest character in the entire tournament. 

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    What Is The Tournament Of Power?

    Zeno and Future Zeno
    Zeno and Future Zeno

    The tournament of power was held by Zeno and Future Zeno. They are the strongest beings in all of the multiverse. The tournament had the strongest fighters from eight out of the total twelve fighters participating. Every universe that lost was erased from existence and only the winning universe would be allowed to exist. 

    Zeno and Future Zeno got the idea after watching Champa and Beerus holding the tournament of destroyers. They enjoyed the fight so much that they decided that a bigger tournament with more and stronger participants was needed. 

    While it seems like Zeno and Future Zeno organized it for the sole purpose of entertainment, it is not the case. The Grand Minister states that according to Zeno, there were too many universes to watch over and they wanted to eliminate some. The universe which was slow and did not show improvement was to be removed from existence. 

    Who Was The Weakest Fighter?


    Dium or Zium was the weakest fighter in the entire tournament of power. He is a fighter from universe 10. Appearance-wise, he looks like a parrot-like creature. He has green skin and instead of arms, has wings. His eyes are purple and he greatly resembles a parrot. 

    Personality-wise, Dium seems very arrogant and overconfident. This overconfidence was shown during his fight with the universe 7 warriors. However, this arrogance is not very useful as he was defeated quite quickly in the tournament. 

    During the tournament, Dium attacked universe 7’s fighters as they were recovering from universe 9’s destruction. He tried attacking with his fire breath but was unsuccessful. Krillin then attacked him and injured his wings. He was finished off by Master Roshi’s Kamehameha which knocked him out of the ring. He was then scolded by his god of destruction for losing. This is why he is the weakest fighter in the tournament.

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    Riya Dubey
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