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    Zeno True Form: How Powerful Is Zeno In This Form?

    Zeno has proven himself to be the strongest character in the ‘Dragon Ball’ series multiple times. He is so strong that the mere mention of his name scares even the gods of destruction as well as the angels. Zeno appears not to be threatening and scary but is rather cute. 

    Fans are curious whether it is his true form, or does he have another form that is a lot more scary and threatening than his current form. Fans are also curious about just how strong that true form is or will be. Read to find out. 

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    Zeno’s True Form

    Zeno and Goku
    Zeno and Goku

    Currently, Zeno dons a form that is rather cute and does not look to be threatening or scary in any way. However that does not entail that he is not very strong, Zeno is the strongest creature in all the universes and he governs them all. 

    Zeno’s current form is short and he has blue and purple skin. His head is oval-shaped and he usually has a blank face even when he is excited or angry. Personality-wise, Zeno is childish and looks for entertainment everywhere. This is the reason he started the tournament of Power and he seems to like Goku, probably because he treats him normally and is not scared of him. 

    Zeno’s true form is guessed by the fans, but it hasn’t been shown in the anime or the manga yet. There is a possibility that his current form is his true form. However, fans guess that this might be a disguise and Zeno must have a different form. They guess his form incorporates the different galaxies and universes. A fan animation animated what his true form might look like and it looks majestic. 

    How Strong Would He Be?

    Zeno's true form in a fan animation
    Zeno’s true form in a fan animation

    To answer this question, one must first know how strong the current Zeno is. Whilst he is not a very talented fighter, Zeno is the strongest being in all the universes. This is due to the abilities he possesses, the strongest of which is his ability to erase things from existence. 

    It is only Zeno who has the power to erase a being or a universe from existence, not even killing them. This makes him the strongest being in the universe as no one can oppose this power. If Zeno were to transform into his true form, then that power would be magnified. 

    In addition to that, Zeno might have more powers that he is keeping hidden. He might also become an exceptionally strong fighter. However, since he is already the strongest creature in all the universes, there is currently no need for him to transform into his true form if he has one. 

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