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    Elon Musk Targets George Soros And Open Society Foundation For Suggesting Big Brands To Keep Twitter In Line

    Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter has started to set things straight at Twitter. Further, Musk has called for a probe into advocacy groups. As these groups demand major corporate brands reconsider their decision to sponsor ads on the network. The groups have decided so as a precaution against changes in Twitter post the acquisition by Elon.

    According to CNN, a group of 25 left-wing advocacy groups has written a letter to the biggest brands. Just to name a few of them like Coca-Cola, Disney, and Kraft. These advocacy groups are requesting that any advertising deals with Twitter be conditional on the company. This will be based on maintaining policies regarding hateful conduct, transparency, and enforcing civic integrity. If not done so these companies will risk losing advertising dollars.

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    Starting Serious, Elon Musk Jokes Around The Issue


    Media Matters for America, the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, Accountable Tech, a technology advocacy group, the feminist group UltraViolet, the Center for Countering Digital Hate, the National Hispanic Media Coalition, and the Free Press digital rights group are among the many organizations that have signed the letter. Further, two of these advocacy groups, Free Press and Media Matters for America, have been receiving direct money from George Soros’ Open Society Foundation. Also, the Open Society Foundation is a Hungarian-American organization.

    There are rumors as well that companies like Apple, HBO, and Best Buy too were targeted in the letter. The letter talked about how the money from the ads could fund Musk’s vanity project. Further, this can also make Elon accountable for the money. Hence, to this report by CNN, Musk replied first seriously. After that Elon joked around in a series of tweets.

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    Musk Does Not Forget To Target George Soros

    Musk said, “I will call him and ask.”
    Elon Musk said, “I will call him and ask.”

    Musk, in response to a social media user’s accusation that George Soros is behind the letter to the large companies, took potshots at George Soros. Then, he tweeted and shared that he will call Soros.

    He said this in response to Open Society’s tweet. Also, Elon hinted in one of his other tweets that Twitter may charge a small fee. This will be for commercial and government users. This comes in order to expand the social media platform’s reach amongst potential users.

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