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    79-Year-Old ‘Squid Game’ Actor O Yeong-Su Found Guilty Of Sexual Assault

    Squid Game‘ actor O Yeong-Su has been found guilty of sexual assault according to a statement released by the local court. The actor on March 15, 2024, was convicted of his crimes. This also led to a lot of speculations regarding whether Youngsoo would appear in Netflix’s hit series ‘Squid Game’

    According to Judge Jeong Yeon-ju, who was behind convicting Yeong-Su, the victim’s statements were consistent with the accusations that were made. “Consistent … and appear to be statements that cannot be made without actually experiencing them,” Judge Yeon-ju said. 

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    O Yeong-Su Sentenced To 8 Months Of Prison Time

    O Yeoung-Su
    ‘Squid Game’ actor O Yeong-Su

    After being found guilty, the Seongnam Branch of the Suwon District Court handed O Yeong-Su 8 months in prison. He is also suspended for two years. Furthermore, he has been ordered to complete 40 hours of classes on sexual violence. Su was indicted in 2022 for sexually assaulting a woman.

    The incidents took place while Su was living in a rural area for a theater performance according to the Suwon district court. The allegations were that he hugged a woman and kissed her on the cheek against her will, the Yonhap news agency reported. Yeong-Su, after being convicted, intends to appeal against the verdict. However, he only has 7 days to do as after that the verdict will be ruled.

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    O Yeong-Su’s Role In ‘Squid Game’ Was That Of A Player

    Squid Games
    ‘Squid Games’

    Squid Game‘ was Netflix’s biggest hit in 2021. The show is about a dark work where people are forced to play deadly games to win a huge sum of money. Moreover, the message behind the show was to critique the capitalist nature of our world. Unexpectedly, within the first week of its release, it broke Netflix’s record and became the most-watched series on the platform.

    O Yeong-Su, in the show, portrayed the character of an old helpless, and fragile man. It looked like he could not defend himself or go through the game. However, after the game ended it was revealed that his character was the mastermind behind formulating the deadly games.

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