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    “Ain’t Bro Tired Of Being Nak**?”: Barry Keoghan Goes Completely Nu** For Vanity Fair Cover And Twitter Isn’t Impressed

    Drooling over Barry Keoghan wasn’t on our 2024 bingo card, but turns out, here we all are. The actor’s steamy scenes in ‘Saltburn‘ made way for his immense popularity after the film’s release, particularly for the scenes where Barry bared it all.

    After ‘Saltburn‘, the actor has once again embraced a nude photoshoot for the cover of Vanity Fair. Here’s how fans reacted.

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    Barry Keoghan Shocks All With Vanity Fair Shoot

    Barry Keoghan for Vanity Fair
    Barry Keoghan for Vanity Fair

    Taking things up a notch, Barry Keoghan has graced the cover of Vanity Fair, striking a pose as he appears nude. His choice of clothes might be a tribute to the ending scene of ‘Saltburn’ when Keoghan dances around the mansion naked- a scene that gained quite a bit of attention as fans were taken aback by his, um, size.

    The post features several Hollywood celebrities posing for the camera, including Natalie Portman, Pedro Pascal, Bradley Cooper, Colman Domingo, Jodie Comer, Lily Gladstone, Greta Lee, Charles Melton and Jenna Ortega. Towards the end of the video, Barry appears nude, covering his lower part and prancing across to get off-screen.

    Fans have praised him for making such a bold move, while others commented on his physique and just enjoyed the view.

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    Fans React To Barry Keoghan’s Nude Shoot

    Barry Keoghan
    Barry Keoghan

    One fan commented on how often fans have been seeing him without clothes.

    While some found it annoying, with how much he’s spinning the ‘being naked’ era.

    Fans mostly joked about the photoshoot, pointing at Barry’s tendency to be open with nudity.

    Talking about how he feels about the audience sexualizing him, the actor said, “It can be detrimental to the mind and your mental state if you read into it too much or you look at too much stuff being said. But I wouldn’t go there if I wasn’t prepared for that, or if I wasn’t open to receiving what people want to say.”

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