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    “My Smile Says All”: Barry Keoghan Confirms His Return As Joker In ‘The Batman 2’ But Fans Are Highly Disappointed

    Although James Gunn’s DC Universe has an exciting line-up scheduled, fans were excited upon the news of ‘The Batman Two‘ taking place. Even though it does not belong to the main on-screen universe, the project is still a part of DC’s Elseworlds projects.

    Barry Keoghan made a memorable cameo at the end of ‘The Batman‘ as Joker. Following the legacy of the actors who have played the famous DC villain, Keoghan became the latest addition to the list as he confirmed his return as Joker in ‘Batman Part Two’.

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    Barry Keoghan Will Return As Joker In ‘The Batman II’

    Barry Keoghan
    Barry Keoghan

    The actor has currently gained fame and popularity in the industry following his appearance in Saltburnalongside Jacob Elordi. However, the star has been making headlines for a whole other reason. The reason is his recent interview with E Talk, confirming his appearance as Joker.

    When asked about his return to the DC universe, Barry Keoghan replied, “I can’t really say anything about that. It would be exciting, wouldn’t it? To see the Joker come to life again. My smile says all, you know what I mean?” 

    Keoghan neither denied nor agreed to the role, instead slyly dodged the question, making the fans curious. DC fans believe that Keoghan will appear as Joker alongside Robert Pattinson helming the title of Batman, once again. Despite the excitement, DCU fans are disappointed with Keoghan’s return as Joker.

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    Why Are Fans Upset About Keoghan’s Return As Joker

    Barry Keoghan As Joker
    Barry Keoghan As Joker

    None of the major Batman villains including Hush, Clayface, or Court of Owls have featured in a larger role. The franchise has been monotonous and forced upon Joker as the mainstream Batman villain. From Jack Nicholson and Joaquin Phoenix, to the acclaimed Heath Ledger, Joker has been resurrected way too many times. 

    This continuous pattern has also exhausted the fans and has derailed their interest in DC. While Barry Keoghan in trying to hint his return as Joker went viral, fans were quick enough to express their disappointment. One of the X users said, “I feel like they could explore so many other interesting villains, as they described Keoghan’s Joker appearance in The Batman as unnecessary.”

    As of now, there are no recent updates on ‘Batman Part Two‘s plot. But the project will witness Robert Pattinson reprising his role as Bruce Wayne. Despite the secrecy of the plot, the project will released on October 3, 2025.

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