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    Andrew Garfield Spotted Holding Hands with ‘Professional Witch’ Dr. Kate Tomas Months After Dating Rumors With Olivia Brower

    Andrew Garfield‘s flavorful romantic life just got a new twist as the charming actor was seen strolling hand in hand through the streets of Los Angeles with Dr. Kate Tomas — a self-proclaimed ‘professional witch’.

    While the ‘Spiderman‘ star was reported to be dating Olivia Brower in January this year, fans are surprised to see Andrew seemingly bonding with Dr Kate Tomas quite openly.

    Dr. Tomas is known for her spiritual healing and tarot card reading, and has appeared on various television shows and podcasts. Dr. Tomas boasts a sizable following on social media, where she shares her insights and teachings on witchcraft and spirituality. Garfield, on the other hand, is one of the reserved celebrities of Hollywood, who has traditionally kept his personal life under wraps.

    The photos of the The Social Network‘ star holding hands with the spiritual coach have ignited speculation among fans and the media, with many pondering the nature of their relationship. While some speculate that there might be something romantic brewing between the two, others have contended that they could also be just two friends hanging around.

    During this first-ever public appearance together, the duo could be seen mingling with a couple of other friends. Some fans are therefore arguing that the two would have likely been unaccompanied if it was a romantic date.

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    Andrew Garfield Was Rumored To Be Dating Model Olivia Brower

    Andrew Garfield and Dr Kate Tomas (Credit: Page Six/The Hollywood JR)
    Andrew Garfield and Dr Kate Tomas (Credit: Page Six/The Hollywood JR)

    Neither Andrew Garfield nor Dr. Tomas has made any public declarations about their relationship status. This is the first time they have been spotted together, and therefore, the nature of their connection and where it stemmed from remains unknown. Many fans, however, have rallied behind the couple, praising their openness and authenticity.

    Moreover, Dr. Tomas’s spiritual practices have piqued the curiosity of Garfield’s fanbase, who are now digging deeper into her beliefs and philosophies. The photos of the duo’s outings have ignited a buzz on social media, as fans are now dissecting every detail of the connection between the two.

    Andrew Garfield has had a very interesting dating history, with several popular actresses on the list of women he has dated, including the Poor Things‘ star Emma Stone. His last rumored connection was with model Olivia Brower, who he was spotted kissing around January this year. Whether or not the two have parted ways remains unclear, while Garfield’s recent spotting with Dr. Tomas has added another flavor to the drama.

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