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    Bebe Rexha Takes A Dig At Phone Assault Incident During Her New Show

    Bebe Rexha has gained recognition over the years for being a flawless singer. But like many other celebrities, Rexha was also the victim of an incident where she was injured on stage after one of the attendees of a concert threw a phone at her.

    The incident was criticized by many people on social media and the good news is that the man was immediately arrested after Rexha was injured. Meanwhile, Rexha is back on stage again and she is recovering from her injuries.

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    Bebe Rexha Addresses The Phone Incident As She Returns To Stage

    Bebe Rexha addressed the incident saying she is thankful as there are no phones

    Although Bebe Rexha was injured at a show in New York on Sunday, she has returned to the stage for a performance at the Fillmore in Philadelphia. As she was about to perform, Rexha spoke to the crowd and said that she has a bandage over her eye because she was hit with a phone. She added: “We’re almost towards the end. No phones in the face – thank God.”

    But on the other hand, these kinds of incidents have increased concern among the musical stars who are supposed to perform sometime somewhere. According to some fans, these incidents have happened because some celebrities have taken the phones of their fans in between a shot and given them back to the owners.

    Because this can help anyone to go viral, fans fling their phones to the stage, expecting that their singer will offer them a little gift.

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    Bebe Rexha Was Removed From Stage After Being Injured

    Bebe Rexha was taken to the hospital after being injured

    Bebe Rexha was injured when she was performing on stage on June 18, 2023. The incident happened in New York when a phone was thrown in the air and hit Rexha in the face.

    Rexha was taken away from the stage and was hospitalized where she had to get some stitches. Nicolas Malvagna was identified as the culprit and he was immediately arrested. According to the videos of the incident, Rexha went down on her knees and the organizers rushed to help her.

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