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    BTS 9th Anniversary: Jungkook Dedicates New Song ‘My You’ To ARMY. The Reaction Is Everything

    BTS member Jungkook has dedicated a new song to his fans. Titled ‘My You’, it was released on the group’s ninth anniversary for ARMY. The three-minute-long song is a solo piece by Jungkook. He’s also the co-producer alongside Hiss Noise. Fans were obviously overjoyed about ‘My You‘.

    The video starts with a screen of a phone on which Jungkook’s message flashes – “Hi, I have something to say.” The song starts after the message reads. Ahead of dropping the track, Jungkook took to Twitter and shared a screenshot of a text message with “Hi” followed by a bunny emoji. He captioned the post, “22.06.13 00:00 AM.”

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    Fans Get Emotional As Jungkook Releases ‘My You’

    Jungkook at an event
    Jungkook at an event

    Reacting to the song, a fan wrote, “It’s like he poured all his emotions in the song… seriously butterflies are dancing in my stomach his voice is soo soothing.” Another one wrote, “Jungkook is more than an idol!! There’s no such artist that cares and loves so much like he’s to ARMY, I feel appreciated by him.”

    While another fan commented, “This song is soo cute and looks how clearly he expresses his love for armies.” One more comment read, “Jungkook’s voice is so beautiful and the song itself is a masterpiece.” 

    A comment read, “Jungkook is a gem, he is more precious than anything that glitters. Where can you see someone who loves you unconditionally like him? No one, never. My heart is always full of joy because of him. Thank you JK, we love you so much.

    One more comment read, “I don’t know but this is making me cry every time I listen to it. The lyrics are so touching. It strikes my heart at once…At this moment I could only say that….. I’m so thankful to be by your side now.”

    Jungkook Expresses His Feelings That Went Into The Song

    Jungkook with his band members
    BTS band members

    The youngest member of BTS also shared a message for ARMY on the BTS blog. As translated by Twitter user @BTStranslation_, he said, “When I think about you guys (ARMYs) these emotions fill me up and overwhelm me so much that I sometimes think about ‘what would I do if all of this disappears, if this is all a dream I thought about things like that. Therefore I came to write a song on that basis and I wondered if the song’s vibes might become too sad/depressing so I filled up the song lyrics with pretty words.”

    “It’s a song solely for you guys (ARMYs) & even to me who made this song, and to you all who are listening to it, eventually I hope it can become a song that’s makes one feel hopeful, shining by ourselves, and gives strength. ARMY, you all, thank you always, and let’s go on making even more great memories in future. My ARMY, I love you,” he added.

    Jungkook’s gift for ARMY comes a few days after BTS released their new anthology album ‘Proof‘. The album featured three new songs – ‘For Youth‘, ‘Yet To Come’, and ‘Run BTS‘. It also comprised several of their old tracks.

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