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    “But You Like Me, Right?” – Donald Trump Seeks Validation After Public Boos A Candidate He Endorsed

    Donald Trump is one of the most eccentric and unpredictable personalities to ever set foot on earth. In his long career as a business tycoon, Trump tried his hand and succeeded in a lot of things in his life.

    But things haven’t been going well since his defeat in the 2020 Presidential election. He was recently booed by the public at an Arizona rally. Trump was endorsing a Congress candidate in that rally.

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    Donald Trump Booed At A Public Rally

    Donald Trump
    Donald Trump

    A video has been widely circulated on social media these days, which shows the former President of the US facing public booing at a rally.

    At his Friday evening rally in Prescott Valley, Arizona, Trump was endorsing Eli Crane. The owner of Trump Tower said, “And a highly respected man, just endorsed by me today. Future congressman for the 2nd district Eli Crane.”

    People weren’t interested and they started booing to make it clear that they did not approve of this candidate. The 76-year-old business tycoon then tried to get some self-validation. “But you like me, right?” He asked the crowd. This question reeks of insecurity.

    Ron Watkins is one of the Republican contenders in the Arizona congressional primary race. Watkins is thought by some to be behind the QAnon conspiracy theory.

    Trump has not been able to connect with the masses after he was banned from Twitter post the Capitol Building incident.

    Matthew Modine Calls Trump “Less Moral” Than His ‘Stranger Things’ Character

    Matthew Modine Insults Trump
    Matthew Modine Insults Trump

    Matthew Modine, who plays the role of the villainous Dr. Martin Brenner in Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things,’ recently took a dig at Donald Trump.

    He asked, “Do you think Donald Trump is able to sleep at night with a clear conscience? Or does he have to sedate himself and become a psychopathic liar in order to justify the behavior and the things that he’s done?”

    Matthew then added, “Well, maybe he is. That’s a bad example. I think Dr. Brenner is a more moral person than that, and he’d have to spend his final days acknowledging and accepting responsibility for the pain he caused. That’s the real nightmare — not being able to escape your thoughts and the things you’ve seen or done.”

    Modine then talked about the infamous audio clip of Trump where the latter bragged about touching women. He said, “It’s embarrassing to call it locker room talk, because anyone who was ever an athlete and spent time in a locker room, I spent a lot of time in locker rooms, and I’ve never heard anybody talk about women the way that he’s spoken about women.”

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