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    Controversy Around Sex Scene Between Jenna Ortega And Martin Freeman In ‘Miller’s Girl’ Explained

    Jenna Ortega and Martin Freeman‘s recent collaboration in the film ‘Miller’s Girl‘ had a tinge of controversy since its trailer was released. The controversy has further intensified after the release of the film. The thing that stirred up a storm was the controversial X-rated sex scene in the film

    Directed and written by Jade Halley Bartlett, the movie explores the risky territory of a student-teacher relationship between Cairo Sweet played by Jenna Ortega, and Mr. Miller, played by Martin Freeman. The subject matter of the film proved to be uncomfortable for many viewers, while the critics had also accurately predicted it to be Ortega’s most contentious project. Here’s what the controversy is all about.

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    Why Is The Sex Scenes In ‘Miller’s Girl’ Controversial?

    Jenna Ortega in 'Miller's Girl' (Credit: Getty)
    Jenna Ortega in ‘Miller’s Girl’ (Credit: Getty)

    When the trailer for ‘Miller’s Girl‘ was released, it hinted at some sexual tension between its lead characters with a huge age difference. Jenna Ortega, the 21-year-old ‘Wednesday‘ star was seen sharing a steamy chemistry with 52-year-old Martin Freeman. While the former plays the role of a student, Freeman plays the role of her teacher.

    The controversy that followed the film’s release extends beyond its central theme. Many critics argue that the film perpetuates problematic notions about teacher-student relationships. Viewers noted that the film suggests that such relationships are instigated by seductive young women. They further asserted that the movie conveniently overlooks the inherent power imbalances in such relationships.

    However, the primary point of criticism is the explicit sex scene between Mr. Miller and Cairo. The controversial sex scene takes place while Mr. Miller reads Cairo’s short story in a shed. Both Ortega and Freeman provide voiceovers narrating the story, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy.

    While the dreamy lighting and ivy-covered walls when the scene is shot suggest it to be a fantasy, the movie leaves the nature of the encounter deliberately ambiguous. Many viewers took to social media to express discomfort at the sex scene, deeming it “gross and distressing“.

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    Ambiguity In ‘Miller’s Girl’, Age Difference Between Lead Characters Add To Controversy

    Jenna Ortega and Martin Freeman in 'Miller's Girl' (Credit: Getty)
    Jenna Ortega and Martin Freeman in ‘Miller’s Girl’ (Credit: Getty)

    The controversy further deepens as Mr. Miller’s subsequent denial and distortion of events during an interview with the principal makes it even more complex. Freeman’s character repeatedly lies about their interactions, leaving viewers confused about the moral high ground of both the characters. What exactly happened between the two characters also remains ambiguous.

    Outside of the film, many also expressed the problem with the 31-year age gap between Freeman and Ortega. The sex scene between them sparked online discussions about ethical casting choices. Many suggested that what happens between the two onscreen has to be shot off-screen — which for them, made it even more disturbing.

    However, some social media users also spoke up in the film’s defense. Many contended that Jenna Ortega is an adult and an independent actress who made a conscious choice to shoot the controversial scenes. Many also pointed out the presence of an intimacy coordinator, Kristina Arjona, on set during the filming of the sex scenes.

    Arjona asserted that informed and continuous consent was continuously reassured during the filming process, particularly considering the age gap and potential power dynamics. While opinions on the controversy vary, Arjona has also ensured that Ortega was comfortable shooting the scenes.

    As ‘Miller’s Girl‘ and Freeman’s other recent film, ‘Finestkind’, face underwhelming performances, the controversy surrounding the film adds pressure to Jenna Ortega’s upcoming role in the upcoming season of ‘Wednesday‘.

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