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    Dakota Johnson Says Her Mother Was “At Times Maybe Too Open” About Sexuality

    Dakota Johnson saw her latest film ‘Madame Web‘ crumble badly at the box office, and the actress is seemingly bearing all the brunt for it. Though she was evidently excited about her first film with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it did not go as expected for the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey‘ actress. She has taken her lessons from the failure, concluding that these kinds of movies are not meant for her.

    Though the limelight she garnered because of ‘Madame Web’ has turned foul after the film’s failure, she is now grabbing attention for other things including the discussions she had about sex with her mother. The 34-year-old actress revealed in an interview with Bustle that she had open and candid discussions about sex with her mother, Melanie Griffith, while she was growing up.

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    “It Was Really Healthy”: Dakota Johnson Recalls Conversations About Sex And Sexuality With Her Mother

    Dakota Johnson and her mother (Credit: Getty)
    Dakota Johnson and her mother (Credit: Getty)

    During the interview, Dakota Johnson shared that her mom Melanie Griffith was very open, perhaps at times “too open,” about sexuality, and always maintained a healthy dialogue between them. “I was lucky that I grew up with a mom who was very open — at times maybe too open — about sexuality,” Johnson said. “But it was always like, ‘Whatever you’re into and when you want to have sex, you just let me know and we’ll get birth control,'” she added.

    It was really healthy, and it made me feel like I was allowed to discover my sexuality on my own, which I think is such a gift,” Dakota said. When asked what she thinks a “sexually well person looks like,” Johnson said, “I don’t know if there’s such a thing as a sexually well person. Maybe the idea is someone who really embraces their own sexuality, whatever that is. Or even the idea of acknowledging that you have shame around your sexuality or shame around your desires.”

    In her blended Hollywood family, Johnson also spoke about transparency, saying that no one is hiding anything. “I think because I grew up in it, it’s come more naturally, but I wouldn’t have it any other way really. I really wouldn’t. I love it. It feels very honest. It feels really authentic,” she said.

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    “You Say, ‘F— You And F— Off,’ And Then ‘I Love You, Come Back'”: Dakota Johnson Opens Up About Her Family Dynamics

    Dakota Johnson (Credit: Getty)
    Dakota Johnson (Credit: Getty)

    Reflecting on her family dynamics and her siblings, Johnson noted the persistent sense of being a family within her family members. “No matter how f—ed up it is, or who’s in rehab, or who’s not speaking to whom, or who’s divorcing whom, we’re family. And we are always going to be a family. It’s really real,” she said.

    And most of us are artists. Even in my adult life and my new family, most of us are artists. Even the kids, they’re extraordinarily talented people. So you just are dealing with complex people,” said Johnson. “You grow and you embrace and you say, ‘F— you and f— off,’ and then ‘I love you, come back,'” she added.

    While Johnson and Griffith were open about sexuality, Griffith admitted in 2015 that she wouldn’t watch her daughter’s role in the R-rated ‘Fifty Shades of Grey.

    She would be very uncomfortable if I saw it, and I would be very uncomfortable if I saw it. So we would never be able to talk about it, so why would I see it?” Griffith had said at the time, though she admitted she was very happy when her daughter got the role.

    Would you want to see your child having sex like that? Just regular sex, I couldn’t even do that, but the ‘room of pain’ sex? I definitely couldn’t do that,” she added.

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