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    ‘They Annoy Me’: Dakota Johnson Opens Up About The Generational Gap With ‘Madame Web’ Co-Stars

    Madame Web is a recent addition to Sony’s Spider-Man universe starring Dakota Johnson as the titular character. The ensemble includes also Isabel Merced, Sydney Sweeney, and  Celeste O’Connor. While all of her co-stars were Gen-Z, Johnson being a millennial felt let out at the set of ‘Madame Web’.

    The story revolves around a paramedic who ends up on a super-powered adventure after she begins experiencing premonitions, leading Cassandra Webb to protect a group of younger girls from the future that she experienced in her visions.

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    Dakota Johnson Disconnected From Her ‘Madame Web’ Co-Stars

    Dakota Johnson
    Dakota Johnson on Hollywood

    Being a millennial, the ‘Fifty Shades’ star felt ostracized among her Gen-Z co-stars revealing that they would annoy her. In a recent interview with Seth Meyers on Late Night, Dakota Johanson opened up about the generational disconnect she felt with her co-stars. The actress said, “I love them. And they annoy me. And I love them.”

    Seth Meyers further asked Johnson if she felt oldest among the three co-stars. To which Johnson replied, “All the time. Like, every second of the day. I’m not that much older than them.” However, this is not the first time Johnson felt ignored by her co-stars.

    Previously the ‘Persuasion‘ star also opened up about how she was neglected on the set of ‘The Office, in which she starred in a minor role that went unnoticed.

    While talking with E! News, Johnson spoke about feeling disconnected from her co-stars and they never fail to make her feel older. The actress also revealed that Isabel Merced, Sydney Sweeney, and Celeste O’Connor were part of a group chat named The Boo Crew and she wasn’t invited to be a part of it. Johnson said, “I don’t think they include me. I’m older than them, and they make sure that I’m aware of that.”

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    ‘Madame Web’ Cast Holds A High Regard For Dakota Johnson

    'Madame Web' poster
    ‘Madame Web’ poster

    Although the actress felt disconnected from her co-stars, she felt a sisterly dynamic between them. Dakota Johnson also praised Sweeney saying, “She’s such an amazing actress, and really has such an incredible work ethic.” In an interview with Capital FM, Johnson said, “The three younger women became really close, and that it was sweet and wonderful to see their camaraderie.”

    Meanwhile, in the same interview with E! News, the co-stars praised Dakota Johnson and admitted that they always looked up to her. Sweeney said she’s been a fan of Johnson as she used to sneakily watch Fifty Shades of Grey when she was younger, adding that she was so excited when they finally met.

    Celeste O’Connor said Johnson is “grounded, honest, and calm.” She added, “It was genuinely so refreshing to have that kind of leadership. It made me so much more comfortable.” Isabel Merced looked up to Johnson as her “elder sister.”

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