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    ‘Madame Web’s Second Week Earning Plummets: Dakota Johnson’s Superhero Debut Is A Box Office Disaster

    In the movie Bizz, the setback sometimes is just part of the process but for Marvel, another box office flop is an extension of the failure streak. With big names like Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeny, ‘Madam Web’ was supposed to resurrect the dead reputation of superhero movies. Looks like this movie couldn’t resurrect its own first-week earnings.

    Fans have been looking forward to the impact of the female-centered superhero cinema but Sony’s collaboration with Marvel took a harsh hit. With the film’s disastrous opening weekend, and its second-week box office collection, the picture of its success looks darker than a comic book villain’s lair.

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    ‘Madame Web’s Catastrophic Box Office Plunge

    Sydney Sweeny (Image: Madame Web)
    Sydney Sweeny (Image: Madame Web)

    Dakota Johnson’s foray into the superhero universe has proven to be a colossal misstep for Sony. The new Marvel movie ‘Madame Web‘s box office collection during its second weekend plummeted by a staggering 61%. It appears that Marvel’s hopes for a cinematic comeback after the long streak of box office failures have been crushed. The disappointing statistics left the film with a meager $6 million in earnings which cannot be called a hit even by the farthest measures. 

    This movie stood on a pedestal with the stars promoting the project for the past few months. The Sydney Sweeney and Dakota Johnson starer was the actress’s first step into the superhero world. As painful as it is to admit, the first step was pretty darn disappointing, for among many other criticisms, their acting in the movie makes it to the list.

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    Why Did Dakota Johnson Starrer Fail?

    Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeny (Image: Madame Web)
    Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeny (Image: Madame Web)

    With MCU fans expressing their shattered expectations X/Twitter is ablaze with criticism and disappointment right now. As the film plummets in rating, the spotlight shifts to the glaring issues that led to its downfall. Critics and audiences alike are skewering the movie for its boring screenplay and forgettable dialogues. Even the performance delivery of the star-studded duo, Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney, has come under harsh scrutiny.

    Other than the basic ‘not fun to watch’ labels, Marvel is being accused of ripping DC’s ‘Birds of Prey’. While there are many ways this box office failure is getting torn apart on the internet some are like these.

    With fans losing hope in the franchise the future of this movie just hangs in the air. Can they spin a new web of success, or is ‘Madame Web’ destined to be another failed chapter in MCU history?

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