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    “Doing His Humiliation Rituals To Satisfy His Gay Paymasters”: Andrew Tate Calls Out John Cena For Going Na*ed At Oscars

    Andrew Tate is known for all the wrong reasons on the internet. His misogynist views and him proudly accepting his ‘toxic masculinity’ among the so-called ‘Alpha male community’ is what he is famous for. He has always something or the other thing to comment on any event or issue for that matter. Regardless of the fact, his opinions and theories are ignored most of the time.

    Recently the Oscars were held and they got all the spotlight from the awards to the fashion presented. The incident which was majorly highlighted was John Cena being nak*d at the Oscars while presenting the award for ‘best costume’. Andrew Tate being his usual kind, commented on this act of Cena calling it a “ritual to satisfy his g*y masters“.

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    Andrew Tate’s Comment On John Cena’s N*** Oscars Appearance

    Andrew Tate
    Andrew Tate

    John Cena was na*ked during the Oscars, while presenting the award for the ‘best costume’. That was quite ironic for the scripting team to do so. This incident got flooded all over the internet and people had mixed reviews about it. As we are all aware of the fact that Andrew Tate loves to comment on the things that are against his ‘toxic principles’, yet again he followed the ritual. He reacted to the video of John Cena being nude on Oscars stage.

    He stated how John Cena was “doing his humiliation rituals to satisfy his gay paymasters” or maybe he was promoting his movie. Tate has always been against the LGBTQ+ community and he opposed them once again by saying, “You cannot convince me to do something fruity or weird, it doesn’t matter in what movie I’m.”

    Tate added, “I won’t do it because my principles are strong and he was only promoting the movie was still agreeing with me but he was promoting the movie for money because he sold his soul to his g*y masters“.

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    Theories On John Cena’s Na*ked Moment

    John Cena at Oscars 2024 (Credit: X)
    John Cena at Oscars 2024 (Credit: X)

    The Internet’s reaction really defines the intensity of the situation or any incident. After the Oscars night and Andrew Tate’s video people had mixed reactions to this incident.

    Some speculated that it was to promote a new movie and others wondered, “What if he was just having fun?” While many were agreeing partially with the views of Tat by saying things like, “John Cena is the prime example of what happens when you sell your soul“. A social media user commented, “He got a point on something because real sh*t when have you EVER seen Cena do something like this.” Well, there could be possibility of either of these. But overall it was a great Oscars night, with fun and some notorious incidents too.

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