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    Who Is Andrew Tate’s Sister Janine Tate? Why Doesn’t She Talk To Her Brothers?

    Andrew Tate has made headlines several times recently. He is a social media personality, businessman, and former professional kickboxer. He and his brother Tristan have been charged with rape, human trafficking and for being part of an organized crime group to sexually exploit women. However, today we will talk about his sister, Janine Tate.

    Who is Janine Tate? Is she on talking terms with her brothers Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate? Surely, Andrew being a self-proclaimed sexist has led to women slamming him and he has been banned from several social media websites. But what does his sister Janine think of him?

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    Who Is Janine Tate?

    Janine Tate's family
    Janine Tate’s family

    Andrew Tate’s sister is a completely different personality from the former kickboxer. Janine Tate is the daughter of late American chess star Emory Andrew Tate Jr. Her mother is Eileen Tate. Emory Tate is known for his chess skills. He won the international master title in 2007 and has won around 80 tournament matches in the USA.

    Janine was born in 1992. The 31-year-old is a lawyer and mother of one. Currently, Janine lives in Lexington, Kentucky with her husband Norman Webb and son. Janine has a law degree from the prestigious J David Rosenberg College of Law in Kentucky. She is also a member of the Kentucky Bar Association since 2017. 

    Janine’s husband Norman Webb is a bodybuilder, fitness enthusiast, and nutritionist. Norman himself has a doctorate in physical therapy from the University of Kentucky. However, apart from this, the couple maintains a very private life. 

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    Janine’s Relationship With Andrew Tate And Tristan Tate

    Janine Tate with her family
    Janine Tate with her family

    Well, Janine Tate does not have a good relationship with her brothers – Andrew and Tristan. This is very obvious since they share very different ideologies and lifestyles. Even Andrew Tate is known to have said that he is not on talking terms with his sister because she is a feminist.

    Now I have a sister. My sister and I don’t really talk because she goes to feminist rallies and believes Trump’s a racist. I know, how can Andrew Tate have a low-IQ sister? But it’s been proven that the first child is always the smartest. She’s like the third,” Andrew said.

    Andrew is notorious for his ‘toxic masculinity’ as he is very vocal about his views of how women should be treated as property. His advice to his followers, who are mostly impressionable young men, is to go after 18 or 19-year-old girls to mold them according to what the guys need. In one of his viral videos, the man nicknamed Cobra also showed how to assault a woman who made cheating allegations against him. At the peak of the #MeToo movement in 2017, he even urged women to “bear some responsibility” for the sexual abuse they have had to endure.

    Tate firmly believes that men build the world and do their jobs and women shouldn’t make a fuss about equality. Well, it’s pretty clear why Janine has distanced herself from her brothers.

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