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    How Did Andrew Tate Get The Nickname ‘Cobra’?

    Andrew Tate is one of the most controversial social media influencers of his time. He became an internet personality and rose to fame for his misogynistic content. The 35-year-old British-American is a former professional kickboxer and switched to providing online courses and memberships.

    Tate’s Twitter,  Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok profiles have been banned owing to his problematic content. His videos had millions of views and were widely shared and criticized. He often targeted women, sexual assault victims, and his denial of depression as a problem. Tate is also known by his nickname ‘Cobra.’

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    The Story Behind Andrew Tate Getting The Nickname ‘Cobra’

    Andrew Tate was kicked out of Big Brother when a video of him assaulting a woman surfaced on the internet
    Andrew Tate in Big Brother (2016)

    Andrew Tate has been in the news lately after all the major social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok banned him because of his hateful content.

    The toxic influencer is also known by the nickname ‘Cobra.’ He was a professional kickboxer before turning into a misogynistic internet celebrity. As a kickboxer, Tate’s ring name was Cobra.

    Even after retirement, he likes to go by the name Cobra Tate. He also has a tattoo of a cobra on his arm that twists around his bicep and moves down to his hand.

    Tate began his kickboxing career in 2005 and won the International Sport Karate Association (ISKA) Full Contact Cruiserweight championship in 2009. He retired from sports around 2013.

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    Tate’s Problematic Views On Women

    Tate is known for his offensive, derogatory, and downright stupid remarks on women and feminism. He once talked about how men and women cannot be equals.

    I don’t think the world has ever been equal. The modern society we live in has been built by men….and I think now if you look at the roles of the society I believe men are still doing their job”, he said.

    He continued, “But I don’t know if women are doing their job. Men are still out here building the modern world, but when they come home now the girl’s like ‘oh why should I cook for you?‘ ”

    Andrew was recently banned from Tiktok. “Misogyny is a hateful ideology that is not tolerated on TikTok,” the TikTok spokesperson said. They added, “Our investigation into this content is ongoing, as we continue to remove violative accounts and videos, and pursue measures to strengthen our enforcement, including our detection models, against this type of content.

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