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    Who Is Ben Shapiro’s Sister Abigail Shapiro? What Does She Do For A Living?

    Ben Shapiro is a very controversial personality in the media. He is an attorney, author, political commentator, and columnist. Shapiro is known for being a conservative and being against same-sex marriage and parenting. Ben is also anti-feminist and anti-abortion and practices Orthodox Judaism. Abigail Shapiro, also known as Abby or Abigail Lee Roth, is an American YouTuber, blogger, and opera singer. She is famous for being the sister of Ben Shapiro.

    Abigail is also known to be a conservative woman just like her brother. She has a YouTube channel wherein she shows women how to live a ‘traditional’ and ‘classic’ life. Abigail is also an advocate of anti-feminism like her brother. She speaks on a variety of topics on her YouTube channel, including how modern women need to act in today’s world. She has been criticized many times for her ideology and for making posts supporting conservative figures.

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    How Does Ben Shapiro’s Sister Abigail Shapiro Make Money?

    Abigail Shapiro and Ben Shapiro
    Abigail Shapiro and Ben Shapiro

    Abigail Shapiro was born on June 20, 2002, in Tampa, Florida. Her upbringing happened in an Orthodox Jewish family. She is a YouTuber and makes a living by posting videos on her YouTube channel. She posts videos teaching women how to live a conservative life. Abigail has made videos like ‘Why YOU Should Dress Modestly?’ and ‘WHY I CAME OUT AS CONSERVATIVE?’. According to her, she wants to make a space online for conservative women and wants to make a community for them. She made the channel so that conservative women can share their opinions without fear of losing jobs or their friends.

    Abigail has received many criticisms for her videos and has thousands of dislikes on her posts. In her video criticizing the #MeToo movement, she received 56k dislikes. Many people have scrutinized Abby, including YouTubers, for shaming women who go through with abortions and who chose to stay childfree, and for asking women to dress modestly. She even victim-blamed all the people coming forward as part of the #MeToo movement and claimed that it is the women’s fault and not the man’s, that she was abused. She even criticized Harry Styles for not adhering to gender norms in his 2020 Vogue cover.

    As for her personal life, Abigail is married to Jacob Roth. The two tied the knot on May 28, 2018, after dating for a year. The couple welcomed their first child, a son named Roth, into their lives on March 19, 2022.

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    Abigail’s Online Ventures

    Abigail Shapiro
    Abigail Shapiro

    Abigail Shapiro also has a podcast named ‘Classically Abby’ through which she wants to spread her thoughts and opinions. She discusses her ‘classic’ living and encourages other women to follow suit. She describes the podcast for the women “who reject the modern narrative of womanhood and instead embrace real femininity.” Apart from her podcast, she also has a Substack. It is a place where her premium members receive weekly newsletters, and personalized coaching and become a part of the book club.

    When the internet discovered Abigail’s connection to Ben Shapiro, people were quick to comment on her conservative ideology. Abigail also faced backlash from feminists and pro-choice supporters. She also faced trolling with anti-Semitism and misogynistic comments. To suppress the backlash, Shapiro even suspended commenting privileges.

    She then addressed the haters saying, “Now that they know who I am, I’m going to be living with these kinds of things forever- people sending me gross stuff… My name is going to be linked with Ben’s – at this point or down the line.” She also addressed the hate in her YouTube video and explained how the hate comments don’t bother her.

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