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    “If One Of Your Kids Turned Out To Be Gay?” Piers Morgan Questions Homophobic Ben Shapiro

    Piers Morgan is an English journalist, writer, broadcaster, and TV personality. Morgan is well known for hosting his show, ‘Piers Morgan Uncensored‘. He has interviewed many celebrities and even controversial celebs like Kanye West, Donald Trump, Ben Shapiro, and Cristiano Ronaldo. He has worked for many esteemed publications like The Sun, CNN, Daily Mirror, and First News. Ben Shapiro is an American attorney, author, columnist, and conservative political commentator. Shapiro was the youngest syndicated columnist in the USA at the age of 17.

    Recently, Ben Shapiro came on the show ‘Piers Morgan Uncensored‘ to talk with Morgan. The two had a discussion on a lot of different topics like Shapiro’s thoughts on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and his memoir, gay marriage, and parenting. They also discussed the global war against masculinity, his thoughts on Andrew Tate, advocating for free speech, views on George Santos, and many more such topics. One such remark has gone viral on the internet. Morgan asks Shapiro, “(What) If one of your kids turned out to be gay?” What happened and why did Morgan say that? Let’s find out.

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    Ben Shapiro’s Thoughts On Gay Marriage And Parenting

    Ben Shapiro and Piers Morgan
    Ben Shapiro and Piers Morgan

    On homosexual parenting and gay marriage, Ben Shapiro has been outspoken with his views. He maintains that he opposes gay marriage and parenting. Piers Morgan asked him about the same, asking him why two men in love cannot marry or raise a child together. Shapiro replied saying, “I’m objecting to the idea that marriage as a term is equally applicable to relationships that are designed to produce the future generation and then raise them as opposed to two people who love each other.

    Shapiro also added how he feels that marriage is between a man woman and a child. He feels that the ideal is a man woman and children. He feels that any deviation from the ideal is a degradation. Shapiro believes that a same-sex couple’s parenting is a grade below heterosexual couples. Ben Shapiro also said that same-sex parenting is better than a child living in an orphanage. But also maintained they are not equal to heterosexual couples and their children.

    Shapiro also feels that a man and a woman are fundamentally different and that a child requires both of them. A same-sex couple cannot supplant both male and female parents. After hearing Shapiro’s polarizing views on same-sex couples, Morgan questioned Shapiro, “If one of your kids turned out to be gay and wanted to get married would you be tough enough to say you can’t do that?

    To Morgan’s question, Shapiro answered that he would reject it and said, “I would oppose that from so religion point of view.” He said that he cares about marriage from his religious point of view and is not in favor of religion sanctifying same-sex marriage. He added, “My religion propagates the idea that man woman, and child is the model for families.”

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    Public Response To The Interview

    Ben Shapiro and Piers Morgan
    Ben Shapiro and Piers Morgan

    Twitter had a field day when the snippets of the interview were uploaded on the social media site. Some people supported Ben Shapiro’s point of view but most people were against his age-old thoughts on marriage and parenting. People opposed his thoughts that gay parents are not equal to hetero parents.

    Twitter user Andrew Hart wrote “Ben’s argument is easily countered as plenty of kids are raised by single parents without either a mother or more commonly, a father present. So TWO good parents of the same sex could be a wonderful combination to raise a child. We should celebrate all GOOD parents.”

    Another Twitter user Tom Stretton wrote “Ben only accepts the terms of marriage through the guise of religion. Using his same logic, a straight couple who will never have children should also be denied the right to marriage. As by his definitions, marriage should only be permitted to those who will conceive children..”

    Arabella also commented “Ben needs to calm down. There are so many children who would love to be adopted into a sweet stable home regardless of the gender of the parents. The world has no problem reproducing. It has a problem of adequate loving parenting.”

    A Twitter user commented, “If his definition of marriage is man, woman, child, then he’s basically saying that a couple who is married but cannot bear children are not married either?

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