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    ‘Brightburn 2’: Cast, Release Date, Plot, And More

    Brightburn‘ is a superhero fantasy horror movie that was released on May 24, 2019. The movie was directed by David Yarovesky and produced by Kenneth Huang and James Gunn. The story was conceived by Mark Gunn and Brian Gunn and features Elizabeth Banks, Jackson A. Dunn, David Denman, Meredith Hagner, and Matt Jones. The movie was a commercial success but gained mixed reviews from critics. ‘Brightburn‘ made $32 million against a production budget of around $6-12 million.

    The movie focuses on a boy who is extraterrestrial but is raised on Earth as a human. The boy, Brandon Breyer, while being raised in a normal family on Earth, discovers that he has superpowers. He goes on to use his superpowers to fulfill his evil intentions and embarks on a killing rampage. As the end of the movie was very open-ended with many questions left unanswered, fans hoped to see the characters once again in a sequel. So is ‘Brightburn‘ 2 being made?

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    ‘Brightburn 2’ Possible Release Date

    Brandon Beyer in Brightburn
    Brandon Beyer in Brightburn

    There have been no announcements yet about the making of a sequel for the movie ‘Brightburn‘. The end of the movie left many questions unanswered for the audience like what happened to Brandon Beyer? Where is he now? Did his mother really die? Therefore the fans of the movie anticipated a sequel to continue Beyer’s story and to tie up all the loose ends. But no plans about the making of a sequel have been revealed as of yet so it’s hard to predict the release date for the sequel.

    As James Gunn is currently busy with plans for the DC revival, it is clear that the movie won’t be coming in the next couple of years. Gunn is right now working on the revamp of the DC universe, with many older projects getting scrapped and instead newer projects being developed, starting with ‘Superman: Legacy‘. Hence, no release date for the ‘Brightburn‘ sequel is known right now.

    Which Cast Members Can Return For ‘Brightburn 2’?

    Possible cast

    As for the cast, we may get to see some familiar faces or the cast could be revamped. In the original movie, 15-year-old Jackson A Dunn played the titular role of Brightburn, while Elizabeth Banks played his mother Tori Breyer. Dunn could return to play a slightly grown-up version of the extraterrestrial monster while Tori could return in case her character survives the first movie. Other characters like Kyle Breyer, Noah McNichol, and Erika Connor who died in the movie may not return. The film could add new cast members according to the plot.

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    What To Expect From The Sequel?

    Brandon Beyer in Brightburn
    Brandon Beyer in Brightburn

    The first movie ‘Brightburn‘ is focused on a young Brandon Beyer who discovers that he has Superman-like abilities. But instead of using them for good, he does a 180-degree shift and goes on a destructive rampage. No one is able to stop him and kills multiple people like his own mom and dad, his uncle, his classmate’s mom as well as the sheriff and other police officers. He believes he is superior to other humans and doesn’t care for anyone.

    The movie is a direct alternative to the ‘superhero’ origin story. It imagines how some of the favorite superhero origin stories could have gone in a different direction if a powerful being decides to destroy humankind instead of saving it. Beyer’s destructive tendencies will continue in the sequel and the world authorities might start scrambling to prevent him from going on a killing spree.

    The movie also mentions how Beyer is not the only super-powered antagonistic being on Earth and that there are many others just like him. It is possible that the sequel could set up an evil version of the Justice League in the future. It is thought that an evil Wonder Woman and Aquaman exist in the ‘Brightburn‘ universe who could team up with Beyer to unleash hell on Earth. The sequel can go in many different directions.

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