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    Drew Barrymore Steps Down From MTV Movie & TV Awards Hosting Duties Over The WGA Strike

    While movie studios and streaming services continue to rake in billions from their content, writers are not given their due. Before a movie or a series is made, the writer provides the first blueprints for the visual medium. As a sign of solidarity with the WGA, Drew Barrymore is not hosting the MTV Movie & TV Awards this year.

    The actress and talk show host has won 3 MTV Movie & TV Awards before being asked to come on as the mistress of the ceremonies. But with the changing dynamics within the industry, she’s stepping back from the gig. However, she’s agreed to return as host next year. Despite Barrymore pulling out at the 11th hour, there seem to be no grievances between the actress and MTV.

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    Drew Barrymore Is Showing Support And Solidarity To The Writers

    Drew Barrymore

    Unlike media executives, Drew Barrymore is listening to the writers. She has stepped back from hosting the MTV Movie & TV Awards this year. She said in a statement that after consulting with her writers, “I will pivot from hosting the MTV Movie & TV Awards live in solidarity with the strike.”

    Drew Barrymore has thanked MTV for being collaborative and understanding throughout the announcement. She’s still a part of the awards show, as she will appear in several pre-recorded segments. She has also agreed to return to host the 2024 edition. The show, meantime, will be hostless. As the industry figures out what’s next, this year’s award functions will be without a red-carpet or talent interviews.

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    Many Celebrities Have Come Forward To Lend Their Support To WGA Members

    At Met Gala 2023, Amanda Seyfried spoke about the WGA strike

    Many media powerhouses remain in their ivory towers while the writers demand renewed contract negotiations. Like Drew Barrymore, many celebrities are coming to rally with the WGA in their quest for fair compensation. Elizabeth Olsen has spoken about the need for streaming services to reimagine financial redistribution for all levels.

    Amanda Seyfried also expressed her support at the Met Gala 2023 red carpet, saying, “everyone should be compensated for their work.” Some celebrities seen marching with the WGA are Natasha Lyonne, Rob Lowe, Gillian Jacobs, Ike Barinholtz, Frances Fisher, Aidy Bryant, and Sara Ramirez.

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