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    Drew Barrymore Thought She Was Going To Get Killed On A First Date

    Hollywood is no short of celebrities going through some harrowing experiences either because of their popularity or their tendency to blur the lines between reality and fiction. Drew Barrymore is the latest addition to the list of such celebrities as she recently shared a chilling tale of feeling threatened for her life while out on a date.

    Speaking on her talk show recently, Drew Barrymore recounted a first date experience that felt straight out of a horror movie. The ‘Scream’ actress revealed how she was once convinced that the man she was out on a date with was going to kill her. Here’s what happened.

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    Drew Barrymore Recounts The First Date That Made Her Run For Her Life

    Drew Barrymore
    Drew Barrymore

    A recent episode of Drew Barrymore’s talk show came with a harrowing surprise for her fans as the actress detailed an incident when she felt she was going to be murdered. The actress revealed that well into her first date with a certain man, she was convinced that “he was gonna murder me.”

    The actress said she knew him from somewhere even though it was her first date with him. “He was someone I thought I knew! Or I knew a lot of people who knew him, so it felt safe, right? That feels safe. And he was really cute, and I was like, ‘Okay,’” she said.

    Further detailing the story, Barrymore said he asked her to come to his apartment. “He was like, ‘Come to my apartment,’ which, I, again, if I didn’t know people who know him would have never done. Ever,” she explained. 

    After reaching his place, she realized he was in the midst of a remodel as they were exploring his house together. However, the situation took a spooky turn when they went down to the basement, a classic setting for horror movie nightmares.

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    Here’s How Drew Barrymore’s Date Reacted When She Confessed Her Fear

    Drew Barrymore
    Drew Barrymore

    As Drew Barrymore continued to narrate her story, Ross Matthews interrupted, asking why she thought it would be a good idea to go to a stranger’s basement. “You were in Scream, don’t you know how horror movies go!?” he asked Barrymore, as the applauded. “This is step one! You don’t do that!”

    In response, Barrymore joked about her oversight, confessing that she wanted to see the man’s laundry room as she is a “big fan of laundry“. She further stated how when they entered the man’s laundry room, it had a large roll of clear plastic wrap, an obvious detail straight out of a thriller.

    And I am in this room and I look down and I just went, ‘…I need to go back upstairs,’” she said, recalling how she quickly ran upstairs after seeing it. Once back upstairs, she told the guy, “‘You know, I know we don’t really know each other, but I was really afraid that you were going to murder me.’”

    Surprisingly, the man wasn’t offended by it and it Instead became a bonding moment between them.

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