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    “Have Some F**ing Respect”: Meghan McCain Goes Off On Drew Barrymore Over Her Kamala Harris Interview 

    In a recent turn of events, former cohost of The View,‘ Meghan McCain, voiced her criticism regarding Drew Barrymore‘s interview with Vice President Kamala Harris. McCain, known for her outspoken nature, expressed her concerns about the interview’s content and approach.

    The interview, which took place on ‘The Drew Barrymore Show,’ sparked a clash of perspectives. While the show is light-hearted Meghan wanted a deep interview rather than what was aired.

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    Meghan McClain, Known For Not Liking Kamala Harris, Goes Off On Drew Barrymore

    Drew Barrymore (Left) and Meghan McCain (Right)
    Drew Barrymore (Left) and Meghan McCain (Right)

    Drew’s interview with Kamala was more about her talking and asking unprofessional questions rather than a deep delve. According to Meghan, the interview felt more like a therapy session rather than anything actual interview. She believes that a significant opportunity was missed to delve into more substantial topics. 

    McCain’s critique stems from her belief that as Vice President, Kamala Harris should be engaged in more serious discussions. Discussions that address pressing issues facing the nation. “It’s disrespectful, and it’s disrespectful to our presidency and vice presidency,” she said.

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    McCain Divides Audiences With Her Views On The Interview 

    Meghan McCain
    Meghan McCain

    Analyzing the interview, it is important to consider the context and purpose of ‘The Drew Barrymore Show.’ The show is known for its light-hearted and entertaining format, focusing on celebrity interviews and personal stories. However, McCain’s perspective raises valid questions about the role of celebrity interviews in the political landscape.

    On the other hand, supporters of the interview argue that it provided an opportunity for Harris to connect with a wider audience. They argue that the interview served its purpose by humanizing the Vice President and highlighting her personality beyond her political role.

    It is crucial to recognize that interviews can serve different purposes depending on the platform and audience. While some may prefer a more serious and in-depth approach, others appreciate the opportunity to see a different side of political figures. 

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