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    ‘The View’ Host Sunny Hostin Says Climate Change Is Causing Solar Eclipse, Earthquakes, And Cicadas

    The View co-host Sunny Hostin shares her take on the April 8, 2024 solar eclipse. According to her, the New York earthquake, the Cicada breeding season, and the solar eclipse were caused by climate change.

    She shared her experience with the earthquake and claimed that everything that was happening was due to climate change. “All those things together would maybe lead one to believe that either climate change exists or something is really going on,” she said.

    However, her co-hosts on the panel Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg were quick to call out her theory. “Except earthquakes are not at the mercy of climate change. It’s underground. It can’t,” Behar said. Sunny still didn’t change her mind and stated another point. “How about the warming of the planet?” she responded.

    Goldberg joined the conversation and explained to her that eclipses happen every 17 years. “No, it happens the eclipse, they’ve known about the eclipse coming because eclipses happen, and they actually can say when these things are going to happen.” 

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    People Troll Sunny Hostin For Her Theory On The Solar Eclipse 

    Sunny Hostin talking about the solar eclipse
    Sunny Hostin talking about the solar eclipse

    Earthquakes and Solar Eclipses have no evidence of being caused by climate change. So, people were quick to troll Sunny for her theory and call her out for spreading nonsense on a big platform. A user on X added that her claims were “Ridiculous and unfounded claims.”


    Another user on X added “Just goes to show one can be smart in their area of expertise but not in others. Glad to see people on the air show their weaknesses.” However, some people also spoke in her support “Earthquakes could be. Melting ice relieves pressure on continents causing them to uplift and shift.

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