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    “We Used To Fight All Day”: Elizabeth Hurley Reveals The Baby Conversations She Had With Her Ex Hugh Grant Who Is Now Her Son’s Godfather

    Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Grant made one of the most good-looking and elegant couples in the 90s. They dated for 12 years, despite going through rough patches. The actress talked about her ex in a new interview and how they never planned on having kids but always discussed how the baby would look like.

    The actress talked candidly about her relationship with Grant on SiriusXM’s ‘Radio Andy‘ and revealed how he is now content as a father of five and is a good husband to his wife Anna, but things were different when they were together. “He’s a very good dad. He has five children that worship him. They adore him. They sit on Daddy’s knee and all that stuff,” she said.

    Elizabeth and Hugh remain very fond of each other despite his 1995 cheating scandal with a s*x worker Divine Brown when they were a couple. They had continued to date for another 5 years. Host Andy Cohen inquired as to whether they had discussed having children, to which Hurley responded with a “Nope”. Cohen promptly asked again, that as Grant is now father of five, she ought to have considered having one or two children with him.

    “You know, you’d think all that, but of course had that happened, I wouldn’t have baby [Damian], so you could never regret anything,” Hurley explained. “Of course, we used to think about it because we used to fight all day. We used to look in the mirror next to each other and say, ‘It would have to be my eyes.’ ‘No, my eyes.’ ‘Your hair?’ ‘No, my hair. I’ve got a much better mouth,” the actress added. 

    She also mentioned how they used to argue for hours over kids and who would look like whom. The way Hurley is talking about him shows their respect for each other and how they remain in touch.

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    Hugh Grant And Elizabeth Hurley’s Friendship

    The couple during their dating days
    The couple during their dating days

    The British actors spent a great deal of time dating. They would have that sense of communication with each other and even after so many years, they are still there for to each other which is reflected in their gestures. Even though Hugh is the father to five children, he is also the Godfather of Elizabeth’s son Damian who was born in 2002.

    Damian also talks about his godfather in a positive light. He has spoken about how Grant supported him throughout his career and that he could always count on him.

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