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    Who Is Hugh Grant’s Wife, Anna Eberstein?

    Hugh Grant made a name for himself as a sweet and sensitive romantic leading man. Since then, he has evolved into a more serious character actor. A casual hint of sarcasm and distinctive body language are hallmarks of Grant’s comedic abilities. As fans declared him a heartthrob, Grant remained single, unwilling to commit to a relationship or marriage despite his much-publicized affairs. He even had a 13-year-long relationship with Elizabeth Hurley but they split up later.

    Today he is married to Anna Eberstein, whom he met at the age of 57. They also share children. The ‘Notting Hill‘ star now makes statements like, “I should have done it before. I’m just lucky. I’m lucky. I’ve got a great wife. I love her.” So, who is this stunning woman who has captured his heart? Here’s more about the couple.

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    All About Anna Eberstein

    Hugh Grant and Anna Eberstein
    Hugh Grant and Anna Eberstein

    Anna Elisabet Eberstein is a Swedish entrepreneur and television producer. She is well known for being Hugh Grant’s wife. She worked well at ESPN, where she was promoted to the position of producer for sales and marketing. However, she left the company to work as a freelance creative producer and director full-time. Anna runs her own business as well. She attended Lincoln Memorial University and earned a master’s degree in economics from Uppsala University in Sweden.

    According to People, the enterprising Swede also co-founded Ace & Me, a children’s slipper sock company that is now known as Ace Slippers, with her cousin in 2014. The eco-friendly company bills its designs as “traditional Swedish moccasin slipper-socks” with “an edgier design” that are manufactured by hand and produced locally, with prices starting at roughly US $16 per pair.

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    How Did Hugh Grant And Anna Eberstein Meet?

    Hugh Grant and anna Eberstein with their child
    Hugh Grant and Anna Eberstein with their child

    In 2015, Hugh Grant and Anna Eberstein made their first public appearance as a couple at Paris’s Stade Roland Garros. Throughout the game, the couple laughed and engaged in some thoughtful talk. On May 25, 2018, Anna and Hugh got married. The Chelsea Register Office in London, England, served as the venue for the couple’s intimate wedding.

    Hugh Grant and Anna Eberstein were first connected in public in early 2012, and they dated for about six years. He expressed his desire to marry her as he felt sure about their love. There is a 23-year age gap between the couple. Anna was born in 1983, and Hugh in 1960. Together, the couple is the parent of three kids – John Mungo, who was born on September 3, 2012; a daughter who entered their lives on December 16, 2015; and a third daughter whom the couple welcomed in March 2018.

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