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    ‘Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga’ Actor Tom Burke Opens Up About Lack Of Romantic Angle In The Film

    Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga‘ has hit the theatres and the responses are great, to say the least. The film, starring Anya Taylor Joy, brings forth a compelling story narrative with a stellar cast adding to its glory. However, one particular character from the film was shrouded in mystery: Tom Burke’s Praetorian Jack.

    Burke is introduced halfway through the film, with his character Jack playing the War Rig driver, a legendary figure in the Citadel known for completing more runs on Fury Road than anyone else. His significance in the lead character Furiosa’s backstory added an intriguing element to the story. While many may have expected him to develop a romantic angle with the lead, it did not happen. Here’s why that was.

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    Tom Burke Talks About Romance In ‘Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga’

    Still from 'Furiosa A Mad Max Saga'
    Still from ‘Furiosa A Mad Max Saga’

    Praetorian Jack’s character in ‘Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga‘, though introduced midway through the story, assumes an important role in the film’s narrative. He goes on to become a mentor to Anya Taylor Joy’s Furiosa, teaching her the skills needed to survive as a road warrior and to drive the infamous rig she will later commandeer alongside Tom Hardy’s Mad Max in ‘Fury Road‘.

    Tom Burke, who plays Jack’s role in the film, explained to Entertainment Weekly that it is Jack’s mentorship that will set the ground for a crucial context for Furiosa’s relationship with Max in ‘Fury Road‘. He also opened up about why the story narrative is important, given her trust issues in a world where trust is a rare commodity.

    As the film’s narrative progresses, Jack and Furiosa form a deep bond. Furiosa ends up trusting Jack so profoundly that she wants him to accompany her on a journey to find her long-lost home. The strength of their connection even prompts viewers to believe that it may develop into something romantic. But that never happens.

    Burke said that the decision to maintain Jack as a mentor rather than a romantic interest was a conscious one that was taken very “carefully“.

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    Tom Burke Opens Up About The Fate Of His Character’s Relationship With Furiosa In The Film

    Still from 'Furiosa A Mad Max Saga'
    Still from ‘Furiosa A Mad Max Saga’

    Tom Burke said during the interview that the film intentionally avoids any romantic gestures between Furiosa and his character although there are some brief hugs and some longing glances between the two. It allows the audience to interpret their relationship. Burke said he found this more romantic because of the subtlety and the tragic nature of their bond.

    It was really nice to actually build that with Anya and (co-writer) Nico (Lathouris) and (co-writer and director) George (Miller) because there was a point when it occurred far earlier in the script,” Burke said.

    It may have been a hangover from a previous draft because when I read it, it jumped out to me, and I said, ‘I think we have to be careful about this because he’s kind of a mentor figure. You don’t want that to seamlessly change into something else,'” he added.

    This romance intensifies when Jack dies tied to a motorbike and dragged to death by Chris Hemsworth’s character Dementus’ dogs, while Furiosa watches helplessly. ‘Furiosa‘ is now in theaters.

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