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    “Get Off Your F—king High Horse”: Internet Slams DJ Khaled For Making His Guards Carry Him So His Jordans Won’t Get Dirty 

    DJ Khaled is stirring up controversy yet again — this time for an odd request for his bodyguards. The music producer has a reputation for getting himself stuck in controversies every now and then. The 48-year-old has been in hot waters for several reasons over the years.

    A particularly infamous one of the controversies is when he made some distasteful remark about performing oral sex on women during a 2018 interview. Now the star is back in bad limelight again as chose to make his bodyguards pick him up and carry him from his car to his destination instead of walking, for a very peculiar reason.

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    “I Don’t Want To Get My Jordans Dirty”: DJ Khaled Makes His Security Guards Carry Him For His Shoes 

    DJ Khaled being carried by his guards (Credit: Getty)
    DJ Khaled being carried by his guards (Credit: Instagram)

    A video of DJ Khaled‘s bodyguards carrying him from his car is going viral on social media. The music producer had himself asked his bodyguards to pick him up because he did not want to “mess up” his Nike Air Jordan sneakers by walking over sand. After he shared a video of the incident himself on his Instagram, the music producer is being heavily slammed.

    In the video, Khaled can be seen opening his car door and asking two of his security personnel to carry him. “I don’t want to get my Jordans dirty,” he says in the video while standing up. “Can I get everybody to help me?”

    Two guards then come over and pick him up, placing their arms underneath his legs. The pair then carry Khaled from his luxury vehicle to the back of a pick-up truck, which then took him to the beach-side stage.

    Thank you brothers, I appreciate it,” he said as they set him down. “Can’t mess up the Js,” he says referring to his advanced edition shoes. 

    Khaled seemingly got his hands on the J Balvin x Air Jordan 3 “Rio” sneakers ahead of their official release in May 2024. Given the high resale value of these shoes valued at $250 retail, Khaled took extreme measures to keep them pristine.

    However, social media users were not very happy with Khaled for putting his shoes on such a high pedestal.

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    “I Have No Respect For You!”: Social Media Does Not Approve Of Khaled’s Priorities

    DJ Khaled being carried by his guards (Credit: Getty)
    DJ Khaled being carried by his guards (Credit: Getty)

    Though Khaled appreciated his bodyguards’ efforts, his comment section was flooded with disappointment and accusations of being “disrespectful“.  Many followers found his actions unnecessary and pointed out the absurdity of the situation.

    That’s the stupidest thing I have seen!” one user wrote. “Get off your f—king high horse,” another quipped. “Lifting 400 [pounds] wasn’t in the resume,” another joked of the security guards, while a third agreed that the “guards don’t get paid enough for that.”

    I have no respect for you! This is ridiculous that a grown oversized man would do this,” a fourth one said. “He talks so much about god and behaves like this over a pair of shoes. Ridiculous!”

    How about wear some damn sandals and put on the Jordans before walking on stage?” another user suggested.

    This isn’t the first time Khaled has found himself in hot water for controversial statements or actions. In 2018, he faced backlash for remarks made during a Breakfast Club interview, where he expressed reluctance to perform oral sex on women.

    His comments sparked a heated debate about gender roles and respect in relationships, drawing criticism from public figures like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Evan Rachel Wood.

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