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    “He Beat The Sh*t Out Of Me”: Pedro Pascal Finally Reveals Cause Of Shoulder Injury In A Censored Comment At Emmys

    The awards season is here and so is healthy competition. The friendly feud between Pedro Pascal and Kieran Culkin has been the highlight of the awards season. With Pascal in the lead role in ‘The Last of Us‘ and Culkin in ‘Succession‘, the competition has been persistent in all the awards that have been declared so far.

    Both shows have been doing extremely well, and have been nominated in several categories for various awards. The cutthroat competition has put Pascal and Culkin in a healthy banter over the days. The two showed a tinge of competition during the Golden Globes and Critics Choice awards. The Emmys was no exception.

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    Pedro Pascal Says Someone Beat “The Sh*t Out Of Him”

    Pedro Pascal (Image: Getty)

    Pedro Pascal has been attending high-end award functions with a sling around his neck, sparking curiosity among the fans. The ‘Last of Us‘ actor however refused to give any reason for his shoulder injury. Even though several people on and off camera inquired about his injury, the actor did not give any concrete answers.

    However, he has finally spilled some beans about the shoulder injury that everyone has been curious about. Pedro Pascal was presenting the award for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series at the 75th Emmy Awards on Monday when he finally answered the long-lingering question.

    While he had everyone’s attention on the dais, the actor seized the opportunity to address the curiosity surrounding his arm sling in a cheeky revelation. “A lot of people have been asking about my arm. It’s actually my shoulder,” he said, capturing the audience’s attention.

    The plot thickened as Pascal declared, “And I think tonight is the perfect time to tell everyone that Kieran Culkin beat the s—t out of me.” The unexpected joke led to laughter from the audience while the cameras caught a playful glare from Kieran Culkin.

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    Pascal And Culkin Have Been Involved In A Friendly Feud

    Kieran Culkin (Image: Getty)

    Pascal’s dig follows Culkin’s banter on the Golden Globes stage after he beat Pascal with a win that they were both nominated for. “Suck it, Pedro. Sorry. Mine!” Culkin had playfully said during his acceptance speech on the Golden Globes stage.

    Apart from the healthy competition, Pascal’s shoulder injury has also been a matter of curiosity for many. The actor has consistently maintained discretion about his injury during the 2024 Golden Globes, where he simply mentioned that he “fell” without delving into specifics.

    In the world of Hollywood, where drama is usually confined to scripts, Pascal and Culkin’s dose of genuine humor is getting the audience well-entertained while the competition continues with more awards to come.

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